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I feel the STRESS

Well here is the issue I am having with my body. I am hoping that some of you can relate. I don't quite understand where my stress/anxiety/whatever is derived from but its been over a week now... and some days it just comes and go... but I get so stressed that the left muscle in my jaw tenses up and makes me feel very uncomfortable. In addition, all the nerves in my face become very twitchy.

The muscle tenses up very much which then causes me more stress... sometimes its gets so bad I literally feel the hormones in my body being released and causing my heart rate amongst other things speeding up. Its an awful experience.

I've noted that ive had this problem probably for the last year or maybe even two. Most of the time I go to bed with this muscle/nerve discomfert and I wake up fine and forget about it... but sometimes any stupid event like rushing to get home or something causes this nerve/muscle thing to occur in my jaw/nerve/whatever and I find it impossible to take away.....pretty much, put simply: I do not know how to relieve myself of stress. I've tried breathing exercises, meditation, nothing works. This feeling on my jaw is just unbearable.

My dad always told me that a big cause of acne is stress/nervousness and he knows that I can be a very anxious/nervous/ stressed about things.

Help me guys?

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Anxiety increases hormone cortisol, which causes inflammation & breaks down collagen.

So that would be a big issue, yes :D

Have you talked to a doctor? Maybe it's an anxiety attack issue?

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Yeah see... I figured most of you would simply see it as an anxiety attack, but it isn't. I mean I suppose I have probably had one before but my biggest bother is this stupid right side of my jaw that is all tensed up. I've had it this entire week and its incredibly annoying....

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