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I had my first IPL session on July 14th. The doc used a Lumenis Quantum, and when I asked about how many joules he used, he said he couldn't say exactly because he was not following "the book"... since he has been operating the machine for many years (true, apparently he's a pioneer here in Argentina) and has come up with his own way of manipulating the settings.

Whether that's true or not, the procedure went well (or at least that's my feeling). The IPL felt as many have described before: short tiny stings, maybe it even feels like a stinging vibration... It doesn't hurt much, but it may be a little rough on guys cause the doc said it'd hurt more on the beard line (and it did) because of the hair growing there that gets zapped by the IPL.

First his assistant smeared some numbing cream all over my face and left it on for about 30'. Then I went into the docs' office and they showed me how the IPL worked and how it resembled a camera's "flash" when triggered. Having removed the numbing cream, the assistant sealed my eye sockets and then applyed a really cold gel on my face. Then while applying more gel as required by my skin, the doc began the procedure with my right cheek and cheekbone, along with my right temple. Then he did the left side, and after that he went on with my nose. Now I remember that the area around my nose (not ON the nose) also hurt a little. Finally he did my forehead (the gel here seemed a lot colder, cause there's almost no meat between the skull and the skin).

Then the assistant cleared the gel, put some cream instead and gave me two soft ice patches covered in cloth to hold against my cheeks and cheekbones. I was like that for about 20', and she came in a few times to change the containers... my arms were getting tired heheh.

When that was over, she cleaned my face again and then smeared some colored sunscreen. I didn't look bad at all... and there were only two noticeable "purpuras" (purple/blue marks), one on each cheek. I hailed a cab and went home. I took some pictures with the sunscreen on. Left it on for a few hours and then decided to wash my face with warm water and a cotton pad. While the makeup was clearing, I could see the purple marks were becoming more noticeable, and a small edema under my right eye running towards the cheekbone also came to my attention (I hadn't noticed this with makeup on). Then two small blisters also became more apparent.

They gave me 6 pills (Meticorten Prednisona 5mg) to calm any inflamations (to be taking during the next three days, one after each meal), so I guess the edema will subcede in a couple of days. Also, they gave me a cream by Avène, called "Crème pour peaux intolérantes - Apaisante - Peaux sensibles et irritables / Skin Recovery Cream - Calming formula". I have to wear that one AM/PM, along with sunscreen, and I really don't feel any burning or itching (in fact, I only felt a little burning sensation right after the session, but it quickly went away with the ice patches and cold gel)... my skin seems normal (aside from the slight edema and blisters), and it's smooth (of course, the IPL has tightened it).

One thing I forgot to mention is that while the doc was finishing the IPL on my cheeks, he told me to inflate my cheek, so he could zap some more.

Ok, so now it's been exactly 32hs after the treatment, and I'll be uploading the pics tomorrow.

Creams I'm using:

- Avène, called "Crème pour peaux intolérantes - Apaisante - Peaux sensibles et irritables / Skin Recovery Cream - Calming formula (AM/PM, no limits... whenever I feel my skin is dry or needs to be soothed);

- La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Very High Protection Tinted Cream (they told me to use it even inside my house 0_0);

- Avène Cleanance soapless Gel.

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I didn't bring my camera's usb cable... so unless I get a card reader I'll be uploading the pics in 10 days. Sorry bout that.

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I'm sorry for not keeping up my word, it's just that I've been busy, and I've taken so many pictures that I found it hard to choose a few to upload and at the same time have 'em show how the progress (if any) of the first session.

Here's what I wrote the following days of the procedure:

Day 4: "purpuras" turned red.

Day 5: red marks started to fade.

Day 6: mark on left cheek is disappearing; marks on right cheek are also fading but are still noticeable.

Day 7: gone.

Day 8-10: skin looks normal, less sebum.

I'm gonna upload some pics to my gallery... just for the record, cause after one session there really isn't much progress. I'm looking forward to the second session, this September 7th.

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Had my 2nd IPL session on Sept 7th, and it went just fine, same sensations as the 1st treatment. I'll be uploading pics soon. I can see progress, but know that it's too early to see some conclusive results. My skin still produces oil, but in noticeable less amounts. The marks are practically gone, there's only a small one below my left cheekbone.

Also learnt that with a very small amount of make up, I can cover pretty easily all my redness. I dropped by at a Vichy stand in a shopping center, and had some Dermablend shades tested on my face... just to see what it could do, as I'd never worn make-up. I can only say it looked awesome.

It's called "Corrective Foundation" 25 Nude.

Here's a review: Dermablend Review

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Thanks for letting us know about your experience. I have to admit, it's a little hard to compare your photos since you use different lighting conditions. I don't know if it makes any difference(I typically just assume people are being nice when they say this), but your complexion really does look quite good. Your redness is very mild.. it looks like a tan more than anything.

Keep the updates coming. I have thought about looking into IPL but have been too scared to try it. It is very helpful to see exactly what to expect.

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Thanks, yeah my complexion does look good, but after say 7-8 hours since I showered, it starts getting worse (e.g. that white gunk in my pores starts building again)... and though the redness is mild, it still looks like a suntan and because of its shape it seems as if I've been skiing (all year round, which sucks of course... and people asking about it all the time also gets on my nerves).

Sorry about the different lighting, I took the pictures in different places, but most were taken in a well-lit bathroom... but for the moment there isn't much noticeable change, that can be shown by the pictures. It's been only 2 sessions, and my expectation is that there will be noticeable changes in my 3rd and 4th.

I'll try to upload some pics tonight.


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I used to have IPL once a month or every other week for a few months. It does work out to be expensive and it did work for me I guess but my acne came back. I guess IPL mainly is for scarring and I have active acne so that's why it didn't work.

It's meant to work wonders for scarring and complexion though.

Thanks for creating this log.

I'm subscribed to WAY to many threads so I'm unsubscribing from this one, pm me if anything interesting happens!

Edited by Brissyguy

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Wow.. your skin looooks really reallly good now!! Did you have a 3rd treatment done?

I'm thinking of getting IPL done.. have some red acne marks, getting married in march and want a clearer skin by then :(

Did you breakout after the treatment?

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