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Help, I would like to be confident in myself again and wear t shirts...


My name is helen and I am new here. I came for advice. I have arm and shoulder acne as well as facial and clevege/chest and acne. I cannot seem to stop picking. Esspecially when I am on my adderal (I am adhd). I have horrible scaring on my arms from years of picking and they are also discolored. I cannot remember the last time my my nose wasnt a forrest of black heads. So far they are not inflammetary, But rather are these greasy (hard) plugs of oil and this ehite fluid. It seems that my acne has been spreading over the years. I need help! I want to wear sleavless shirts and not have to worry about people staring at my lumpy scarrd red blotchy arms, face shoulders and back.

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You can put head and shoulders dandruff shampoo on it and it will go away after a while. i used it. It works, something about zinc.

Anyway, I have this friend who has these huge deep scars (or maybe a birthmark) that covers her entire shoulder and upper arm. It's kinda bluish white tint and very thin looking. Horrible, maybe from a burn? I don't know. But even with these scars and blotchy red skin (she's very pale) she wears spaghetti straps. I used to feel self conscious with my acne, but then saw her and thought, though her scars look bad, she looks great in her camisole/tank whatever. So I started wearing shirts like that. It felt great to just wear what I wanted. I looked better with my acne in something cute than it something I didn't feel happy in covered up.

I hope you consider wearing what you want anyway. :)

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