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i've had terrible acne since probably the 6th grade. my dad had horrible skin and passed it on to me and all of my sisters. this is my 2nd time doing accutane, i'm 18 now and my first time around was when i was about 13. i'm on my 4th month of 6 months now and am finally starting to see my skin clear, for the first time. i was very skeptical about starting it for the 2nd time because of the side effects, and all i could remember from my 1st dose was my lips crusting off in class. ive had very good luck however and recommend everyone to just go for it. here are some tips i've learned this time that have helped me with the process.

#1 Water is your best friend. I invested in a couple of those camelback water bottles that have the top you suck out of, and fill it with ice and water constantly. before i go somewhere, before i leave there, and at home i wont be caught without it.

#2 Moisturizing. this is a tough one with accutane. I got a lotion called DML moisturizing lotion from a random dermatologist office i visited once. I havent been able to find it anywhere else, but its worth looking in to, I can't live without it!! for lips i would recommend aquaphor, its a savior. the inside and outside corners of my nose also got really dry, and i just put a little dab on the spots before i go to bed and theyre all better in the morning.

jojoba oil- i put a little of this on sometimes before i'm going to bed sometimes and my skin is so refreshed in the morning!

#3 Makeup. Makeup is different for everyone, and you need to ask for samples and try different ones out. My favorite for coverage with still looking pretty is Chanels matte liquid foundation. If you use the DML lotion (let it dry for 15-20 mins so your makeup doesnt smear) and then dab this on it looks great. I love the matte because it stays on nicely all day and doesnt look greasy. its a little expensive but well worth it.

Since my skin is clearing more now that i've hit my 4th month, i dont need as much coverage and i've switched to laura merciers tinted moisturizer. i usually dont even put on lotion before i use this (unless im having a super dry day). it still gives me pretty good coverage and is great now that it's summer to wear to the beach and such.

i had a bunch of this stuff in my head and i dont know if i got it all but if i think of anything else ill post it!!

#4 Dont pick!! picking is tempting but never worth it. chance of scaring is much greater when on accutane and after you pop a pimple you immediately regret it! it only makes it worse.

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Thank you so much for the information. I am on day 6 and am always looking for suggestions!

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