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Up until recently, I've only seen 10% BP washes available in stores. Now I see one from Oxy that's 5% and another from Panoxyl that's 2.5%.

Is BP effective in a cleanser?

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Yes, google benzoyl peroxide cleansers+study, and the results will tell you that these cleansers are as effective as leave on BP.

In fact, my new regimen is to use a BP cleanser and leave-on salicylic acid product. Most doctors now agree a combination of BP and SA is the most effective over the counter treatment for acne, although for some reason, the acne regimen on this website is in disagreement.

I've posted elsewhere that I think it odd that Dan sings the praises of glycolic acid, which is much more of an irritant than salicylic acid. In one of his videos he said he feels salicylic acid works in theory only. I totally, totally disagree. Long-term use of salicylic acid has eliminated blackheads for me and does a great, non-irritating job of exfoliating. Of course good formulation is important. As with BP, some SA products are better tha others.

In fact, last night I ordered the new Maxclarity acne kit which features a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser, salicylic acid toner, and BP spot treatment.

Yes, the BP cleansers are very effective. It is a pleasure not having to use the leave on BP treatments anymore.

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interesting.. are you saying you were on the regimen ..and than switched to a bp wash instead?

also do you know if any of the neutrogena medicated washes with sal acid works ok? thankss

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I've been using a 5% BP wash 2x a day and dan's AHA at night and it definately reduces acne, but it hasn't worked as well as the 5% BP wash in the morning with dan's BP at night (i know it says to use it twice a day but I can't put BP on my face during the day, it's too annoying)

so 1 wash + night time BP > 2x wash, but the reason I sacrifice a few pimples is to hopefully clear up my discoloration. once that's taken care of, I'll go back to using leave on BP.

(i cant use leave on and AHA, my skin is too sensitive :X)

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