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Uneven pigmentation from products


Basically, my cheeks are a lot paler than the other parts of my face. My forehead, chin, and areas towards my nose are darker. My cheeks are scarred from acne and its the area in which i mainly get spots. So i'm sure its something to do with the amount of products i have used over the years on that particular area.

Is there anything i can do to lighten the other areas..? Its really annoying as i look really odd.

Or does anyone else have a similar problem. What did you do?

thanks x

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I had a similar issue when I used strong BP/salicyclic acis to get rid of spots last year... the best thing now is to leave skin alone and the body will even skin out by itself over tme ( the more I fiddlesd with it, worse it got)...only thing that kind of helped without irritating skin was this phyto+ pigmentation gel I got from my derm...(I think it is over the counter)

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mm I used to kind of have that problem. But everything is pretty much evened out now.

It's true that your body will eventually even everything out but that could take years depending on several things including how much sun you get...

I would recommend AHA [but I wouldn't recommend AHA if your skin is very sensitive because it might be too harsh..]. Hydroquinone is also good, I use it because since I'm lighter toned African-American, if i get a brown scar or mark or something it'll lighten it up very quickly [2 weeks to a month] and completely disappear. Again, depends on your skin type and how much of you need to lighten or even out.

Sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend it, and even if you aren't African American you can still use the Hydroquinone btw. I use 3% [if you go over that percent, a prescription is needed I believe] because it works the fastest, but Palmer's has a sunscreen, AHA and Hydroquinone combination lotion that has 2% which works really good too. I think it's called "Eventone Fade Milk" I have it and would recommend that the most to you because you can use that easily since it's a really low percent and I think it's suitable for sensitive skin. I think it's like $6 or $7..

Anyway both the Palmers lotion and the 3% Hydroquinone helped even out my skin tone and get rid of marks and scars.

Just suggestions though. Hope I could help <3

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