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Tazorac Vs. Tretinoin cream vs. Retin A, vs. Retin A Micro, etc.

I am currently on Tazorac, (only a few months in) So I can't really accurately guage it. I will say my acne is much better but I also use benzaclin in the mornings.

I was told tazorac is much better for scarring too, but I am curious if tretinoin cream/gel or retin A micro or Retin A is better for scarring and hyperpigmentation.

I wonder if anyone here knows which is best for


-Acne Scarring


each product may be differently better for different of these symptoms.

I heard tazorac may be better for acne and apparently is better for scarring but I am not sure if this is true.

Does anyone know which is best for what?

Please let's find out which topical retinoid is best.

Another topic to discuss. Which strength is best? .05% or .1% and also if GEL or CREAM versions are better.

Post and discuss.

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Benzaclin is what is clearing you up. These things will clear you up for Acne -- not acne scarring. It can help with Hyperpigmentation, but you need a good home remedy system. A.K.A cleanser/exfoliation/exc. There are some great home remedies that are great for hyperpigmentation. Some examples of this: Baking soda mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar deals with hyperpigmentation. Many people confuse this for helping them with there acne scarring, but in truth what it is doing is helping the hyperpigmentation they have. What you see from scarring is the outline of the acne -- the shadow. It also depends upon what form of acne scarring you have.

Compared to both products, Retional A stimulates collagen growth, which is good for patients who have a history of acne and are undergoing some form of skin correction dealing with breaking down collagen --example, skin scarring resurfacing. If your doing something like lasers, chemical peel, exc; then retional a is good for these things. It will dry your up skin really fast, until you adapt to it. I would stick with Tenzac, Benzaclin, although if it was me i'd drop the Tenzac and do duel benzaclin both night and days combined with a effective regiment.

Nothing can be done for your acne scarring, until all of your acne has been fixed. If you see any redness of your face, then you still have live acne sad to say. Once all your scarring has finished (Which can take up to a year if not longer) then you can look at acne scarring treatments.

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If they are both working currently then there is no need to change up your regiment. I've used both Benzaclin and currently on Tazorac (7th week). My opinion would be to keep using the Tazorac because it has better results as far as long term use. The Benzaclin is a great medication but it is also an topical antibiotic. The acne will eventually build a resistence to this medication and find a way around it. On the other hand, Tazorac is not an antibiotic and can be used long term. Using the Benzaclin right now is probably a good way to control the initial breakouts from the Taz. I used to use benzoyl peroxide and it worked great but like I said, the acne came back even when I was on BP. Eventually, I was just fed up with acne and decided to take the retinoid plunge.

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well, I've recently gotten subcision which didn't affect acne breakouts really...

It raised one of my rolling scars but maybe seems to have left a new line-like depression or scar, not sure if it will stick around or not, it has been 6 and a half weeks, so I guess I'll find out 5 months or so after how it will look for good.

I am on the tazorac I went off it for a week after subcision surgery, and just use Benzaclin.

The problem with tazorac is you can't use it when you go in the sun...and recently went in the sun so am taking a few days off of it.

Anyways, afterwards today I will get back on tha tazorac .1% gel. I am using benzaclin and to be honest skin does build up an immunity to it, I noticed this back in january after using benzaclin for a while and keeping my skin clear all ofa suddent i broke out and got a few cysts.

I went on tazorac at night, while still using benzaclin during the day time (followed by oil free moisturizer with spf 15) and my acne improved and went away.

What sucks is I'll still get a pimple every once in a while... nothing severe, just every once in a while which is annoying considering I am using these products.

It seems to mainly happen when I don't shave for a few days.

As far as scarring it seems that retinoids like tazorac or retin A improve skin and help scarring a little over a great deal of time 1-2 years is what one dermatologist says. So I will just stick to the tazorac for a while and just stick to a routine and forget about skin issues for a while and hopefully my scarring will improve.

It is mainly my right cheek and there are a couple depressed rolling scars and a few icepicks which I am not sure will improve from taz.

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