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What can cause sebum production to increase?

Had clear skin for a long time -- from roughly 1990 until 2002 (when I was 32). Since then my skin has gotten progressively oilier.

What can cause sebum production to increase like this for a guy in his 30s?

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what if your blood sugar is fine, and while you don't eat perfectly, you eat far better than most? I've gotten rid of dairy, got rid of alcohol, coffee, excess sugars (hard to do as they're in almost everything) got rid of hydrogenated oils, got rid of excess fats, etc... done my best to increase veggies, fruits, drink tons of water.....

...and I've noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever

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What can cause sebum production to increase like this for a guy in his 30s?

Who knows?


Diet: lycopene probably dampens local skin production of DHT, who knows what other dietary chemicals have an effect. So, it's not a matter of "eating healthy", but of what specific doses your diet supplies of highly specific chemicals. Thus the nutritionists standard response in the face of deep ignorance: eat a whole bunch of different stuff -- maybe you'll get what you need then! (But quite possibly you won't.)

Environment: Vitamin D helps regulate sebocyte proliferation in the test tube at least; most people in modern society who don't work outdoors with bare skin near the equator are Vitamin D deprived by the latest standards of The Vitamin D Council (indeed, field hands in India have been found to be D-deficient, showing how widespread avoidance of UVB on skin has become). Melatonin is a powerful agent for slowing cell division and interfering with DHT production; most civilized people damage the normal nightly flow of melatonin by: living indoors during the day, wearing hats/sunglasses and otherwise keeping bright sunlight from getting to their eyes, extensively using caffeine and other drugs that interfere with melatonin, sleeping in light pollution, trying to sleep 6 hours instead of the 9-10 hours that people who live with only natural light and no caffeine sleep.

Really, abnormal skin conditions should be expected just based on how abnormal our production of two hormones (melatonin and Vitamin D) have become. And, that's consistent with the observation that on any given day, about half the adult population has acne.

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