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Okay I'm a newbie here. I'm dark skinned and I just want to know if anyone can give me any info about my skin issue. Okay I said I wasn't going to be paranoid about it but I've been panicing for the longest and losing sleep.

Okay I've had this skin rash thing going on with my face since I was young. I didn't know what it was so I really paid no mind it As I got older it spread and then it got read and it would itch and peel. Now I'm 20 years old and it's not as bad as it was but it still peels and some of the spots cake up or darken, well the one's on my hairline and chin bit on my face itches and rashes up.

Okay now about my arms okay I have severe dry skin. Okay recently I got paranoid for some reason about my skin I don't know why and I started rubbing gensing oil on my arms and legs because I'm thinking it would help my skin. And then I searched gensing and what it does and it does what I was hoping it did not do, which is lighten the skin a little. That's not what I want and I didn't know that happened so now if you come really close to my skin you can see the lightening and was wondering what can I do to help restore melanin so to speak? Or what can I use? My mom has the same issue on her legs we all have some light spots on our legs or some of our hands and feet are lighter than the rest of me us because we don't wear alot of shorts, flip flops etc, but I figure that normal, like when a person tans naturally and wears thick shirts and sneakers and then when they remove their shoes and shirt their feet and top arms and chest is light. However I just realized I made matters worse with the ginseng oil and I wanted to know what can I do to reverse what the ginseng oil did. I hardly go out in the sun to begin with, because I have all of these multi skin tones and issues and I'm afraid of too much sun exposure because I fear the darker areas will get darker. But I don't won't to look like a weirdo. And I'm afraid of all the side effects of some of these medical things because I don't need anything else wrong with me.

My mom used to be a nurse and I talked to her about it and she told me not to worry about it and things and I said okay because mothers know best but it's been bothering me and I don't want to keep worrying about it until the worse actually happens. As far as my arms go I hope it's nothing too serious and I just wantes to know what can I do to restore the color. My face rash has maintained on it's own and I've been to the hospital for other reasons and they didn't see anything too wrong with me.

Being African American the skin issues are more exposed, and I was wondering should I stop using gensing oil and things with it in it because it's making matters worse imo. I've been crying and worrying myself insane for the past several weeks. I hardly had any sleep, and have been almost losing my mind because I don't know what to do.

Now I don't have the money to go and pay for anything so that's a little discouraging. But it's been a little embarassing to wear shorts, and short sleeves now. It's not obvious but when you get up close then it is. I've prayed and cried to God to please let me grow out of it and not to let it be anything dramatic and I believe he'll work for me but I need some kind of help and some kind of advice, for my arms. Any creams or anything?

And what can I do about my severe dry skin?

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You should definitively go to a dermatologist.

Itching probably means there's some sort of bacteria involved. I had a bad case of impetigo.

Try treating it with an OTC anti-bacterial cream for 3 days max. If it doesn't improve stop using it and go to a doctor. If it does improve use the cream for a max of 5-7 days.

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Well being dark skinned it causes discoloration sometimes, it's not bad like it was, but now my face itches, flares up and peels. When I wash it it turns red and bumpy, then I can moisturize it and oil it and I'll wake up and see the same thing. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to see what I can do but I don't have any money to pay for a doctor visit :cry:

What about my arms, they're really dry and scaly looking. I messed uo when I used the gensing oil to moisten my skin and it made my skin lighten and being dark that's not a good look. What can I use what cream can I use to resore the skin cells? I heard of the cream used for eczema forgot what it's called but some said it works.

Thanks for the reply, I'm just in a dark place right now.

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Are your arms flaking on their own or only when you scratch? Where are they flaking? And one more question... do white spots have clear boundaries or not?

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