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Question regarding Accutane dosing

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I'm going to go for a consultation with another dermatologist to see about getting low dose Accutane.

I want to know approximately how much Accutane they'd prescribe for someone like me. (I know very little about how they figure out dosages.) I have extremely treatment-resistant mild to moderate acne that has gone on for close to two decades, am 5'7 and 116 lbs. My previous derm was saying 10 mg. Is that about right?


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I agree with MissAngie

if your acne isn't too bad 20mg should be fine. I was prescribed 40mg to start and 60mg after my first month. I'm 5'6 115 lbs. I know the dose was based on my weight/height not the severity. (but I didn't ask for a low dose) Is there a reason u prefer a low dose treatment?

Best of luck to you when you begin your treatment! <3


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Thank you, both. :) If I even get the chance to try it, I would have to go low-dose because I have depression/anxiety, and personally I'd like to avoid major side effects. So far the depression/anxiety has prevented me from being able to even try 10 mg, but the doctor who did my Botox thinks I should be able to handle a low dose of it and recommended a couple of other dermatologists for me to try.

This has been going on for years. Sometimes I wish I'd never told these doctors I have issues with depression/anxiety. They're mostly under control with medications, but because I have them, they don't want to touch me with a 10 foot pole. My Botox doctor told me that the reports of depression are overblown in a lot of cases and Accutane gets a bad rap, but I know nothing about it so who knows if he's right.

I do know of someone who took a measly 5 mg/day and had her mild-moderate acne clear up for good. I'd even gladly take that!

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Just follow your derm's advice on 10mg/day. Low dose is good for mild-moderate acne and it has lesser side effects.

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