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Another Accutane Log for your Reading Enjoyment

So I started lurking on these boards a couple months ago when I first started thinking about Accutane, and I definitely found the logs helpful in terms of what to expect and when to expect it. Now that I have taken it for about a month I think I can start my own log and provide my own experience. I think I can add a unique perspective in my log, since having started taking Accutane I have not curtailed my “hard partying†in the least… so those worried about the health risks of Accutane can take from this what they will.

First, a little background on me. I'm 24 years old and 195 lbs. I don't want to reveal my name since it's rather unique and I do talk about drugs in this log (mods, I don't think I am "promoting" drug use but if so please let me know and I will remove any mentions from my posts). Acne history wise, I had very minor acne for most of high school and college, with the acne becoming more moderate when I turned 23. About 4 months ago (shortly after I turned 24) the acne became severe for the first time. Although the number of actual blemishes would probably be considered low by standards around here, I did get cysts for the first time and the blemishes I did receive were extremely painful. Painful to the point where I couldn't focus on my work and when I went out would act extremely negative and grumpy with friends, simply because all I could think about was washing my face and providing some sort of temporary relief. It only took 2 months of this and a couple serious breakouts for me to go after the "nuclear bomb" of the acne medication world. The derm was resistant to the idea, but ultimately put me on Accutane starting with a dose of 40mg. And so begins my log:

Week 1 - Absolutely no side effects, no difference in acne. Day 2 and day 4 went out to bars with friends. Noticed that my face would get hot and flushed a bit more than usual when I drank, but otherwise no effect. Went to see Paul Van Dyk and Benny Bennasi on day 5. Took a pill of X, later did some coke and drank. Accutane didn't seem to do any harm.

Week 2 - Travelled to Japan on vacation. On the first day, had the biggest breakout of my life. The blemishes were smaller than usual, but the number was higher than anything I had ever seen. Extremely painful. Made the first few days of the trip very difficult to enjoy. Near the end of my trip, about day 12 of taking Accutane, my lips started become extremely chapped but the breakout (while still continuing) was no longer painful. Slept very little during the trip since we were trying to make the most out of a short time in a foreign country. Despite the low sleep, an interesting observation is noted: Accutane seems to reduce the severity of my hangovers - although a new hangover side effect is a dry throat that I didn't have before.

Week 3 - Lips continue to be chapped. Skin on face and arms starts to flake a bit. However, it isn't clear if this is from all the sun I got in Japan, or the Accutane. Most likely a combination of both. The weekend is July 4th weekend... go on a pretty serious bender from Wednesday all the way to Saturday that totalled probably close to 100 beers and a fair amount of coke with maybe 8 hours total sleep over the weekend. Scheduled to get my bloodwork on Monday and a little nervous that I won't have recovered from the intense strain on my liver from the weekend and will be forced off Accutane. On the plus side, all acne blemishes have almost completely faded although one new cyst forms near my nose.

Week 4 - Get my bloodwork on day 22, which comes back OK. Doctor ups dosage to 60mg effective immediately. Skin very clear for the first time in several months, but all 4 of my cysts still remain and haven't reallly reduced in size since the start. At around day 24 my nose starts to get dry. As the week goes by, my nose continues to get even dryer. Friday and Saturday I go out as per usual, and Sunday we drink on the beach. While on the beach my nose goes into an intense nosebleed out of nowhere, something I haven't gotten since I was a little kid. One of the girls I am seeing (who I invited to the beach that day and the only one who would care about this sort of thing ironically) gets all upset and asks me how much coke I did that weekend. I realize it might be a good idea to get something to remedy this side effect before I step into work on Monday. Although I have been warned by the derms to stay out of sunlight, I have seen absolutely no effects from sun exposure (as I have been exposed to sunlight almost non-stop since beginning Accutane).

Week 5 - Day 29 I wake up and cannot believe I have absolutely no hangover after the weekend... Accutane certainly has some curious effects. I purchase saline solution to squirt up my nose in hope of relief from my dry and nosebleed prone nose. It helps a little but not much. Day 30 (today) wake up with a new zit (a few of them actually) for the first time in a couple weeks. On the plus side, the cysts are finally starting to recede! My nose has become REALLY dry and my eyes are starting to dry out as well. As soon as I get out of work I buy Visine and petroleum jelly for my nose since the saline spray hadn't been working well. I feel better almost instantly after applying petroleum jelly. Skin flaking is pretty much gone at this point, and while chapped lips remain they have improved substantially.

That's where I am at this point, I hope to provide some updated more regularly moving forward as this was a long one. My overall impressions thus far is that Accutane is a very powerful and effective drug, and I am very happy to be on it. However, I will say I was expecting worse. Of course, I am only in week 5 so who knows they could get worse.

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Day 31 -

The dry nose is killing me. First side effect that is getting to me. Seems to feel better when outdoors, but horrible inside the office. Other than that, no new blemishes to report. Things are going smoothly.

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