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On Regimen for 3+ years

Hello my name is Wayne. I have been on the regimen for over 3 years now throughout college and I'm 21 years old. I want to say this regimen works but, it seems for every pimple i clear up a new one sprouts and its just getting pretty old to me. I follow all the right guidelines from being very gentle and waiting for the BP to dry. It seems as if this regimen is just taking too much time out of my life without pleasing results.

I recently bought the aha+ from the website and I'd like to say it worked pretty much on the first day but i always have that mindset when i try out new products. So i've been on the regimen w/o the aha+ for 3+ years and I want to say I have been only using the aha+ for about a week.

What I'm wondering is if the aha+ takes time to adjust to the skin? or should it work farely well since I was two pumps of the BP morning and night. Any thoughts?

Also the past week my mindset has changed alot about health and what not. I finally gave up smoking and I always am that kind of person that thinks positive so maybe my body is trying to clean up I dunno lol

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Unsure, it is a chemical exfoliator, so if you haven't exfoliated in a while, it could be a bit sensitive to it, but like you said, its used to the BP so its hard to say.

A word on the AHA, because its an exfoliator, if you use it too often you might end up getting a breakout, as you can over exfoliate, this happened to me, it worked brilliantly for a week, and then I started to break out, and my skin turned red for a bit after using it.

I reduced it down to once a week and it works great, so just thought I'd throw that in there, you've been on this for 3 years so you probably already know alot more than me, however I would of benefited from someone telling me this as I was discouraged from AHA for a while.

Saying all that its not unheard of for people to exfoliate everyday and get great results, so it completely depends. For me the exfoliator step has kept me completely clear, something to do with removing the dead skin cells that build up and can block pores, which is maybe what is causing those odd breakouts for you.

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