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My Regimen Experience (13 weeks in)

Well I reached the 13 week mark and I'm glad I stuck with the regimen. I'm a 20 year old male who has had mild to moderate acne since 15. I've tried ProActiv, a 10% BP wash with Duac, Duac combined with Differin, and a few OTC products with little to no success. I just happened to stumble upon this website after having no success with 12 weeks on Duac and Differin. I am, by nature, extremely skeptical, so I didn't believe anything could get rid of acne 100%. This site intrigued me since Dan offered alternatives to his products, as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. So I gave it a shot.

To be honest, I didn't like it at first. For about 5 weeks my skin was noticeably red and irritated. The worst part was that I wasn't even using the full amount of BP. Even small amounts of BP were irritating me, despite being used to BP for about 5 years. I wasn't completely clear either, and I got a few cysts. But, I stuck with it and slooooooowly increased the amount of BP. I still haven't reached 2 full pumps.

In fact, my current regimen is cleansing with a Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, [MORNING: 1.25 pumps Dan's BP], [NIGHT: 1.5 pumps Dan's BP], moisturize with CereVe or Dan's AHA+ (switch every third night).

My redness has gone down considerably (I have very sensitive skin) and I'm not nearly as dry. I do have to moisturize more the twice a day sometimes, like after swimming or showering mid day. My schedule is erratic during the summer but this will calm down once I go back to Penn State.

The last 2 or 3 weeks have gotten noticeably better. I get one to three pimples a week now (sometimes they will only last 2 days) and I can definitely notice that they are not as inflamed. The AHA as a spot treatment works sometimes, but other times it does nothing at all. I think my face looks the best it has in years and I have not even been following the regimen exactly. I sometimes lift in the middle of the day and shower after. I also rarely do it 12 hours apart. I also don't take the recommended time to rub in the BP- more like 2 or 3 mins. Not to mention my lack of the full amount of BP.

Overall, I am very pleased with my results and plan to continue with the regimen. It is so much more affordable than derm prescriptions and easy to use. My face is still a little red but not too bad. For anyone experiencing difficulties with dryness or redness, cut back on the amount of BP and wait until irritation subsides before slowly increasing amounts of BP. Also, don't trust the WHAT TO EXPECT timeline. I had mild/moderate acne and it took about 11 weeks to see definitive results. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Be patient and stick it out and you should get the results you crave. Good luck!

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Thanks RHCP, i too was a little worried as i felt i was not following the regimen exactly but i will stick it out the way in which i currently am doing and will hope too see results soon. Thanks again

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Good to hear its working! I want to start it tooo

DO you have any pictures to share? would like to see how ur face is now

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Thanks for the replies everyone!

The regimen is still going great. I haven't had a new breakout in about a week! I am also attempting to increase my BP usage to two pumps if possible. Hopefully this is finally the ultimate solution I have been looking for!

Stick with it.

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