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Treatment for PIH after fractional CO2 laser

I am Chinese and have done fractional CO2 laser for three times. Some improvements on my acne scar in the first two times with about 1 weeks downtime after treatment. However, I have serious hyperpigmnetation after the third CO2 laser in 23 May 09. There are now some square brown/red spots in my face. The laser in the third treatment is stronger.

I started to have Hydroquinone from the 3rd week and have one IPL on 4 Jul 09. It has been 8 weeks over and my PIH has been improved by about 20-30% only.

Is there any suggestions to reduce the PIH as soon as possible?

1. IPL for few more times

2. 20% AHA peels for 5 times in 5weeks

3. Blue peel 10-15% two times in 2 months

4. Fraxel repair to make my PIH more even

5. any other good methods?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm not too sure when it comes to lasers and stuff since I've never tried them. However, I am an Asian also, and I've had a similar hyperpigmentation problem like you from doing chemical peels. I've done several chemical peels and it seemed like they were really helping. However, things went downhill real fast when I did my last chemical peel (around May). It was 18.0% TCA Peel and it got rid of lots of acne and 20-30% of my marks but then as days went by I started to notice a very noticeable patch of hyperpigmentation on both sides of my face. I wasnt the most happiest man after that for a while lol. So I wouldn't recommend doing any chemical peels from my experience. I've heard few other asians getting hyperpigmentation from lasers like fraxel + peels as well. I'm staying off those and doing just topical treatments such as kojic acid + arbutin. I'm seeing results (about 3-4 weeks in) so I hope by month 2, I'll see a drastic change.

Oh, by the way, I've heard IPL is good for hyperpigmentations and few other lasers that I can't think of right now. I've never tried to delve too deep about lasers, seeing that I won't be able to afford them any time soon. Just ask your derm for more info on lasers.

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