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i'm beyond frustrated. I've literally tried EVERYTHING on the market: birth control, antibiotics, LED treatments, chem. peels. NOTHING works. Now i'm currently using YAZ, clindimycin, and 5% BP (generic Duac) as well as glycolic peels once every two weeks.

It's getting ridiculously expensive to keep up this regimen. And i wonder, has anyone experimented with low dose accutane? like 10mg for an extended period of time? is it worth it? i can't get over the horror stories...

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I hear you.. I've tried everything you have (except of course birth control, which i think i should, just to give it a shot) In all seriousness, if you read my posts youll find out that today is my 28th day of accutane 20mgs/day and my skins just gotten worse (from mild but persistent acne to a lot of acne, 10 pimples total right now)

I'm hangin in there and see how this goes and if it brings any positive results.. Ill keep you posted!

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My acne went from moderate to light thanks to antibiotics and BC but my oil is out of control and I also realize that I cant take antibiotics forever. So I talk to my derm about a low dose course to help my persistent acne and disgusting oily skin.

She agreed that I would benefit from a low dose course. So I'm on my way. I took a pregnancy test and received my iPlegd package in the mail. I'm getting my blood work done tomorrow and will be starting a low dose course hopefully in about 30 days.

We discussed 10mgs daily for 5 to 6 months. Since my acne is light I thought maybe even doing 5mgs to start. Really my main concern is this fucking oil. Its soooo bad I cant stand it anymore.

I will be starting a log on my accutane treatment soooo if your interested keep an eye out.

As far as long term IDK. My derm said that 5 to 6 months is what she thinks would work great and if it comes back we could always do a second course, but seeing that I'm very tiny she doest think it would be necessary.

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