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Low dose accutane + The Regimen at the same time..

I have (or had, rather) mild acne, however my face was pretty clear most of the time. Although my skin is not as bad as many it was still bothering me because I always had very oily skin and hated myself in pictures and waking up in the morning feeling like i was drowning in oil..

Anyway.. about 3 years ago I went on accutane for the first time, 40mgs every other day for 4 months and it worked out perfectly. About 1 year later the acne came back but still was very mild (i'd get 3 to 5 pimples max per month) But i didnt really want to go back on accutante cuz of the side effects and besides my oil production I believe dropped at least by 50% so I was pretty happy.

For the past year or so, I started getting more and more pimples and nothing would get rid of them (I'd get about 2 or 3 per week!) I tried retin a, proactiv, clearasil, differin, topical antibiotics, etc etc and yet nothing worked (cannot do oral antibiotics because of a medical condition, which is a shame because that would be a great alternative I believe) I decided then to go on accutane again. I started on 20mgs/day exactly 28 days ago and did get a mild IB and it was then that I decided to start "The regimen a few days later.

SO for the past 28 days I've been on accutane 20mgs/day and for the past 24 I've been doing the regimen (using solugel, a gel based 4% BP that does not dry my skin at all) I thought this combo would be great for my skin as I am not getting very dry skin (even though I can feel and I know my oil production has dropped close to zero compared to how it was before) and my lips aren't chapped either. But I am still getting pimples! Perhps even more than when I started and it's driving me crazy!

It seems as though I am creating more acne than I had before and nothing seems to get rid of it. I love the fact that I wake up in the morning with a matte skin, zero oil, just perfectly matte but at the same time I have 1 or 2 new pimples per day! It seems like neither accutane nor the regimen are working and I really wonder why.. My doctor says it's normal and that it will eventually clear up but I don't see a moment for this to happen and I'm getting very concerned and depressed. He refuses to up my dose to 40 because I didnt need it in the past and also because my acne is not that serious either (it wasn't before, but now it is!!)

Did anyone go thru this phase? I know that the first month or two on accutane usually leave you with more acne than before but if I dont have any oil on my face at all why am I still breaking out? Do you thnk reducing my dose to 20mgs every other day and thus slowly getting accutane out my body will do better? Should I stop "the regimen" ?

Any ideas, thoughts, advice?

Also, just for the record, I am 25, male, im 150lbs.. This is my first time on acne.org and hope to meet new people and share stories, ideas, etc etc.. :)

Thank you!

Check out my blog as well..

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Well my case is very similar to yours, I've managed my very mild acne with bp for the past 3 years, but for some reason, I couldn't tell you why, I broke out really bad after getting home from college in may. My skin up until then was pretty much entirely clear, I'd get like 3-5 pimples a month, so I decided to use accutane. And I tried using bp when I got my initial breakout to reduce the amount of acne I had on my face, because it was grossing me out, but all it really did was prolong my break out. What I would suggest, that worked excellent for me is not using topicals. Give your face a break from the constant bombardment of products that it's receiving daily. What I did was switch to a 10% bp facewash and used it twice a day. I'd say within 2 days I was getting awesome results. I would say give that a shot, the face wash is only like 5 dollars for a decent amount. Try giving your face a break for like a week or so, let the accutane do its job on its own, just wash your face with a bp based facewash and drink lots of water. That's what I've been doing and it is working great.

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