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First of all I would like to remember you that each skin is different so this may not be a miracle worker for everyone but sure have been to me!

Quick history: done twice accutane, 4x time antibiotics, OTC ( you name it! I have a drug store in my bathroom...), IPL, microderm..

Now, this program was made by a very well-known dermatologist and so far so good!!

Morning: just wach with watter, apply sunscreen spf 55, aply make up on top if you like ( or you can just aplply avene couvrance 55 spf protector, which is like a fondation that has minerals in it and covers EVERYTHING. I dont know if makes you broke out, it says it wont, but once I never tried it I cant really tell..)

Now, the night part is a bit more tricky:

ALLWAYS wash with dove soap bar and wait beetwen 30min to 1h before applying the creams ( this waiting time should be done with every kind of regimen). APPLY VERY LITTLE QUANTITY!!! IF YOU APPLY TOO MUCH YOU'LL ONLY BURN YOUR SKIN AND EVEN IF YOU "KILLED" THE PIMPLE THE RED MARK WILL LAST FOREVER. I have one red mark from 4 months ago just from overusing a sulphur prepartion..in the meanwhyle pimples had come and go but this nasty mark is still here! You have to apply the creams to the entire face, even where you dont have acne right now.

monday: differin (0,1 )

tuesday: ketrell (0.05 tretonoin)

wed: boreade creme lisant ( it has vitamin C, vitamin E, AHA and BHA)

thursday: ketrell

friday: differin

saturday: bboreade

sunday: ketrell

the point of this is to mantain your pores oppen! Remember, as long as you keep your pores open, bacteria will not survive, inflamation will not occur, and pimples are vanished! Of course that is hard to prevent EVERY pore from clothing..but I think we could all like with a blackhead or two! I dont know if it is effective on very active acne, although it does bring down new pimples really quickly ( in 2/3 days).

SO, if your currently cleared and just trying to mantain what you have, and you haven't been precribed by a dermatologist or your current plan isnt working, try this and then tell me how you're doing! 5th of August Im having a new consultation, then I´ll tell you if my derm changed anything

BEst luck!

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