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Better know your skin and acne type first

The most important thing I have come to realize about over the counter products and all the acne products on tv is that they are NOT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES no matter aht they say! I wanna shoot the tv when i see proactiv commericals saying its for all skin types because that is not true, they just say that to take your money until you find out for yourself that it doesnt work for you.

Its the same thing with all the acne product commercials but you have to know what YOUR SKIN needs. for example if the product treats acne by moisturising your skin, don't buy that shit if you have oily skin! If the product works by drying out the skin like some astringents do then don't buy it if you have dry skin!

All I'm saying is think and read some reviews of people with your skin type that have used the product, don't just buy it because of what it promises to do. I've made that mistake many times but now I know better.

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Guest missyjean130

There's hundreds,maybe thousands of different acne products sold all over the freakin' world.Obviously,one thing that helps one person...doesn't help everyone.

What you are talking about is Ph balance.

I honestly don't know how proactive is still booming...most people on acne.org hate it. And I mean like,99.9% of us don't like it.Odd.

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