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Hey everyone i have finally decided to join and start posting my experiences with my mild-to-severe acne. I Understand that some of us have that one week of almost flawless skin and some with the red irritated bumps all the time.(i go through both on a monthly basis)

Please mind i have a mild oily face and very pores skin.

Im just now starting to grow full facial hair(shaving about 3 times a week to lessen irritation)

So everything likes to make its home in my follicles

Before my visit to the dermatologist which was about 4 days ago i would get the normal large black heads around the nose, corners of the mouth, and randomly around along with those pestering nodules that love to make there appearance on either my cheeks, forehead and chin. Blah blah blah you guys get the picture...

Please remember while reading this i have been at the mercy of my mild-to-severe acne for about 5 yrs and have not done much about it except washing my face in the shower.

Ok so we all know BP is good ....just NOT FOR NODULES when you use BP on a nodule it will dry the skin cause your glands to produce more OIL resulting in the nodule growing. SO STOP IT.

Fill Your sink with hot water not steaming just hot. We gotta open those pores people.

Highly Recommended to doing at night only

Ok here we go

Stick your head in the water for about 30 sec and repeat till you think you have done it for about 3min total. ( yeah i know it sucks but trust me it helped me)

Remember that hot water pulls clogged oils,dirt, and other impurities gathered throughout the day and also dilates blood vessels which bring white blood cells to your infected skin.

Ok after this you will feel that you skin is slightly red but that is due to the increase blood flow.

Next Sterilize a Sewing needle ( Dip in Alcohol and Burn it off with a lighter) When cool take the needle with one hand and squeeze with the other and puncture the nodule. Do not go to deep just kinda gauge the depth when your squeezing it. after the passage is made lightly squeeze, if you hit the sack it should easly come out with some blood but if you miss no worry. Just try again but dont exceed more than 3 tries on the same spot or the skin will lose its durability in the area.

OH MY GOD THATS SO ABUSIVE you might think but its no worse than you sitting there and squeezing it when it has no way to exit the skin. We are simply making a passage to relieve the blood and pus.

ON WARD to the black heads and other flesh colored bumps. NO SQUEEZING you will only stretch and make abrasions on the skin. For this i use St. Ivy's Apricot scrub with 2 % salicylic acid.

When using the product remember that if you have large black heads that are hard and deep Scrubbing lightly isnt going to help break away those blockages unless you want to lightly scrub for about 4min. So i apply the scrub with a firm but not overly aggressive matter working in a grid like patter diligently making sure to give every pore the chance to be broken free for about 2 min. After applying to the whole face i give the salicylic acid a good 20-30seconds to actually have time to interact with the skin.

To rinse i use hot water. the same temp in which me used to soak our face. I do this because i don't want the pores to close and possibly trap some of the facial scrub within causing more irritation.

After you have rinsed your entire face including the hairline, fill the sink with cold water and soak for about 2min to insure the pores close nice and tight. After this your skin should feel pretty good and the nodules we shank'd earlier should have a little less swelling if broken effectively.

Remember swelling does not away like 1 2 3 it takes time. Time is the answer for swelling.

Reminder this didnt cure my acne but was a temporary solution for when it was costing me a fortune to get acne meds and seeing a doctor.

When i finally got to see a derm he gave me a 2month supply of Minocycline 135 mg , Epiduo, and Benzaclin.

Daily Regiment

Morning 8am: Clearasil Daily Facial Wash + Benzaclin + Minocycline

Afternoon 2pm: Clearasil Daily Facial Wash (Work Outside Alot Of sweat and Dirt)

Evening 9pm: Facial Soak + St. Ivy's Apricot scrub with 2 % salicylic acid +Epiduo

Epiduo IS Amazing !! Slight Burning but isnt always present

But my skin is almost clear and black heads are becoming less and less daily

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First off, using hot and cold water doesn't open and close your pores. Pores don't open and close.

Secondly, exfoliating scrubs, such as St. Ives, that contain bits of ground up apricot or peach pits (or anything similar) aren't the greatest for acne-prone skin. The granules in them actually contain sharp, jagged edges which can cause micro-tears in your skin, which are not only irritating (and irritation can lead to breakouts), but make an excellent entry point for bacteria.

A better option, if you still want to use a manual exfoliant, would be to find one that has smooth, silica beads in it. These beads are just as good at helping to loosen up dry, dead skin, but because they're smooth, they're gentler on your skin.

And thirdly, there is a correct way to pop acne, and it can be found here. You'll note that after the directions, it specifically says,

It is very important to leave deep, painful lesions (cysts and nodules) untouched. Do not attempt to pop them. Instead, a fantastic option for these types of lesions is to see a dermatologist who can administer a cortisone injection which will bring down swelling and potentially reduce or eliminate scarring. Often dermatologists will accept a quick "emergency" appointment for such matters.

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