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Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I'm kind of regretting my decision to go see a dermatologist. I had been using Proactiv for a while and I only had a few pimples from time to time, just some whiteheads and that's all. I wanted my face to be perfect so I went to see a dermatologist.

I was prescribed Retin-A and Clyndamycin as well as Tetracycline (I'm not taking this right now since it was giving me headaches). I've applied the Retin-A for the past four evenings and my face is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've read other threads but I'm wondering if this is normal or if this is severe/I should stop taking it. I called my dermatologist but he hasn't called me back.

My face is SOOOOOO red, very itchy, flaky, dry; it feels like it's burning. I have a picture below and I wanted to know if this is what happened to your faces.

I think I should just stop now and go back to the Proactiv. School starts in a little more than a month and I don't think my face will be as good as it was last week by then if I keep on the Retin-A!

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Retinoids can take a while to work so I hear. I'm using one too and my face looks worse. I'm kinda worried but I figure I should stick to and wait it out. I just hope it gets better before school. It may take a while but if your skin hurts and burns you may want to stop using it or use it every other night.

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I am using Retin A right now, and I am in the same boat as you. I keep a log, but on my Iphone, so unfortunately nothing you can read, but I am so far on Day 17, and my face is awful. When I started using it I had one small pimple and a couple of clogged pores that were just bugging me that I wanted to get rid off. I did a lot of reading on line and I knew that it would be rough for a few weeks, but didnt know it would be this bad. My face looks exactly like yours right now in the picture, and there were days where I couldnt sleep because my face was burning so much. I recomend sticking it out, becaue why would you go through so many days of discomfort and then quit and not benefit from it. Hit me up if you have questions ;]

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i was on retin-a micro back in february. i had horrible redness and dry, peeling skin in my first week of using it. my face also itched and burned. these are side effects of retin-a.

here are some things i would suggest you do to help with the side effects..

-make sure you wash your face with a gentle, non-medicated cleanser

-get some cetaphil moisturizing cream that comes in a tub (this stuff helped me SO much)

-wait at least 10 mins after washing your face to apply the retin-a & use as little as possible

-wait another 10-15 mins and apply the cetaphil moisturizing cream

i can't tell you if the retin-a will work for you, but i think it would be good to stick with. i had severe cystic acne when i was put on it and it made me break out even worse. it did seem to get a bit better after a while, but i stopped it when i finally got accutane (i was only using the retin-a for a month or two). i hope it works for you if you decide to keep using it.

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