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Do you think they will ever invent a 100% cure for Acne?

I've read that scientists still don't know what "causes" acne, and there are a huge range of factors. Therefore i've been thinking, when they actually find out what causes it, they will surely know how to treat it and cure it for good? Without the use of antibiotics, or topicals. Some new drug that get's to the root of the acne and kills it for good....

Do you think this will ever become a possibility?

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Accutane is the cure we have now.

We should be thankful for what we have.

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Hmmm, yeah i've heard about accutane.

I'm thinking more of a cure that doesn't have nasty side effects like drying your face and lips out, my best friend was on accutane for years and he said even now, 4 years later he still has to moisturize heavily and it's dried even the skin on his hands and feet out, and still his lips are cracked and dry and he has to use a chapstick hourly.

I'm thinking of like a cure as in, one injection, or a weeks worth of tablets, or one tube of cream. Not months and months / years, of treatments, something that will quickly destroy it. I hope this happens before I ever have kids!

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