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Newgirl's Accutane Journal

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day 89

my derm. apt. went well. my blood test came back fine, and that is always good to hear, so she prescribed me another month of 80mg's. this will be month 4, and I should be done after month 5, so we are moving along quite nicely.

my skin looks really good today. the big zit that was on my cheak that i was trying really hard not to touch...i touched and made a big mess out of it. it ended up looking 100 times worse. i am lucky that i don't really scar too easily, or else i would look like a mess.

i do have patches of dry skin randomly all over my body. i think that I need to break out the cortozone cream to clear them up. my eyes are constantly watering, too. it's really bizaare since most people get dry eyes. i think that I can deal with another 2 months of this.

i think, or hope rather, that i am past all of my initial breakouts and on the road to recovery. 3 months seems like a long time, but looking back on it now, time flew, and i'm sure it will all be worth it.

until next time...peace!

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Yeah...it'll all be worth it.

And the thing about the eyes...my eyes aren't bothered as much now, but when I had really dry and irritated eyes, they watered all the time too. It's cuz your eyes try to compensate for the excessive drying and in turn, you end up with watery eyes sometimes. If that all makes sense :D

Good luck and keep the faith..


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day 93

i wanted to update ya'll on my progress. i am definitely clearing up. it seems like all of the last bumps under my skin are making there way to the surface, so i am getting really pumped! i have gotten a few bumps on my shoulders and back, but i still have 2 months left of treatment.

i have noticed that my neck, yes neck, is smoother than it has ever been. it is so weird. my boyfriend even noticed it, that's how smooth it is. i definitely don't moisturize enough, though. i have dry patches of skin on my arms and hands that would probably go away if i just put cream on it more often. i will try and work on that.

otherwise, nothing much else to report. still happy as ever! and looking forward to july 6th (the last day of my treatment).

until next time...peace!

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day 97

i'm getting close to that 100 day mark, and everything seems to be going really well. i am still getting a few zits here and there, but nothing like what i was experiencing early on in the treatment. i think that i can honestly say that i'm the road to recovery right now, and i am so pumped! these past 3 months went by so fast.

sinse i don't think that i am very prone to scaring, i think i have really lucked out. even though i am a picker, i think that my skin may be flawless once i am done with my treatment. even if it's not, i'm sure that i will be very happy with the results.

in the beginning of my treatment, i was so good about my pills. i don't think that i missed a pill in the first 3 months, and in the past 3 weeks i have missed 2. not too big of a deal, but the other day i went to visit my parents, and i had to take my pill, so i went out of my way to get lunch, just to get back and not be able to find my pills, i was so bumbed. i think that i actually lost 2 pills, which really shouldn't be that big of a deal. i guess my treatment will only be 149 days instead of 150. oh well!

is anyone still keeping up with this journal?


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day 104

i'm glad that some of you are keeping up with my journal. i keep this journal because i know how much other people's journals have helped me along the way, and i hope that i am able to answer some questions for those of you who are going through the treatment as well.

well, i've had a pretty good week. my skin seems to be clearing up finally. i had 2 huge zits last week, that i squeezed before i shoud have, and made a big mess out of them. they are almost done healing now, and looking better, so hopefully i won't get any more of those. i am still breaking out a little on my back, though. i have maybe 2 or 3 cysts on my back right now. i guess it doesn't bother me as much because i can't see them, and i'm sure that it is clearing up the last of my imperfections on my back.

i wanted to mention that 3 weeks ago when i went to my derm, i had a really big zit on my cheek that was scabbed because i picked at it. well, she offered to give me a cortizone shot in it to help it clear up faster...bad idea and i will never do that again...and do NOT recommend it. i do not scar. i mean, i pick, and still do not have any scars, and i'm lucky! don't get me wrong, but that shot left a scar, and it is an indented one...maybe they are called pitted. i don't know, but i am pretty upset about it.

i have actually heard of those shots leaving scars, and now i know it is true...so avoid them at all costs!!!

other than that, i have rashes on the back of my hands and arms that i have been moisturizing for the past 2 days, and they seem to be going away, which is good. they are really just dry patches of skin because i don't moisturize nearly as much as i should be.

all is well with me. i am starting to see this medication really clear me up, and i have, i think, 6 weeks left.

until next time...peace!

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Hi newgirl.

don't feel too bad about the indented scar yet. I had a cortizone injection recently and it left a sunken "hole" but within 2-3 months it came back up completely. my derm says its quite common and the sunken area plumps up again in most of the cases.

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thanks sally! that's really good to hear. it is definitley the kind that you are talking about...the sunken "hole", so hopefully it will go away like you say it may.

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I agree! Great journal, just wanted to let you know WE ARE WATCHING 8-[ scared????? Just kidding! if you ever get an urge, there's a kid who posts in "the regimen" named Agentx who's having a tough time w/ his accutane. His might be more severe but maybe you could help him out. I was prescribed accutane in "pulses" {40mg a week} so I never had the full-on 'tane experience.


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day 113

i didn't realize it has been so long since i last posted. well, my update is, i am still not totally clear, but i sure am getting there.

i had my last derm appt. yesterday, and i mentioned to her about the scar left from the shot that she gave me, and she appologized and told me that it should go away in about a month...i really hope so.

my skin is red. in some lights it's not so bad, but in the morning after i shower, it's pretty red. my derm mentioned that the redness will start to go away within a few months after i stop my meds.

i am still picking at anything that i see, but for maybe 2 weeks now, i haven't really found much to pick at. before i started my treatment, i had little bumps under the skin (i guess zits that were eventually going to appear), and all of those bumps are gone. the accutane is really finally finishing up what it's supposed to do.

my back is clearing up...ahhh...great feeling.

it took quite a while for me to start seeing improvement on accutane, but i know that it will all have been worth it. i have 5 weeks left to go, and then i'm clear of having to remember to take that damn pill at lunch and dinner.

until next time...peace

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day 119

let me start off by saying that my skin is so incredibly smooth! i don't remember ever having skin this smooth. i am still getting the ocassional zit, but nothing majot at all. i have one on the side of my face that you can't even see, but i am so tempted to attack it! i am trying so hard not to.

month 5 is finally here, and my treatment is coming to an end. it came much faster than i expected. and although i haven't had a rough course, i am very happy to not have to worry about remembering to take my pill.

lately i don't even think about my skin. i used to constantly think about it. it was horrible, and i am very quickly getting used to this. it feels really good to not think about it all the freakin time...it really does.

my skin is a little blotchy, but it's nothing that i didn't expect, so i'm not sweating it. other than that, i don't have much else to say except for those of you on it...be patient. the results will most probably be worth it!


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day 127

i am still not %100 clear, but i am getting there! slowly, but surely! right now i have one zit that won't go away. i picked at it last week, but it didn't pop, and just left a big, nasty scab. Now the scab has healed, but it is still a bump, and i don't want to pick at it, i just want it to go away!

no rashes, no nosebleeds (i've only had 2 in my entire treatment), no aches...i think that the side effects are totally blown out of proportion. maybe i'm wrong and am just one of the lucky ones, but i am fine with them....except for these damn DRY LIPS that are killing me! i swear i could consider them a meal a day. i am constantly biting them...and this is something that i will not miss.

i think that i have 2 or 3 weeks left. not bad. i am running out of things to tell ya'll. i am slowly getting better and better. i am definitely going to do updates after my treatment is over, so keep your eye out for me.

until next time...peace!

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so it has been about 2 1/2 weeks since i finished my accutane. i feel good, my dry lips are back to normal, and my skin is really clear. i have 2 bumps that i think are cysts that are taking a long time to go away, but they don't hurt and are really small. maybe if i ever have to go back to a derm., i will have them injected.

i feel really good about taking the accutane. i think that it was definitely the best decision for me. it brought back my confiedence. i want to go out all the time like i used to. i feel really good. it may seem like a long time while you're on it, but i think that in the end, most people will agree that it was worth it.

good luck, and peace!

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