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Alternate cause for acne around lips/mouth?

I'm a 24 year old male and lately the only places I break out on my face around around my lips and mouth. I figured it was because no matter how carefully I eat my food, there will always be a little bit of oil/grease/food matter/etc. that gets on the skin and will clog the pores. Recently I started noticing when I had a pimple in the area and I probed the "back" of it with my tongue from inside my mouth I could feel a similar sized bumped on the inside of my mouth. A nervous habit I have involves sometimes biting the inside of my lip a little - is it possible infection could be spreading inside the skin from there, causing acne on the outside?

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I had exactly the same problem, and I also bite the inside of my lip.

Apparently, breaking out in this area is usually caused by hormones and stress, all though it can be linked to (the tail end of) puberty, hairs growing through etc, shaving rash, ingrown hairs etc. Most likely it's a combination of all for you unless of course you can grow a thick beard, with the connectors, you know - like Hulk Hogan style?

Anyway, the lumps on the inside of your mouth if i'm thinking of the same thing, aren't any thing to do with acne, they're just veins, blood vessels, that kind of stuff, I highly doubt you'd be able to feel a cyst from the inside of your mouth. (Although it would be nice to think you could drain it from the inside with a needle or something than the outside.)

I read an article a few weeks ago that besides stress/hormones/the things I listed above - your toothpaste may actually be causing you to break out in acne around your mouth. See, there is an ingredient in a lot of toothpastes called Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is basically what they put in there to make the toothpaste froth up and foam. It's not good for you, at all.

So recently i've been using an organic toothpaste which contains natural, more gentle ingredients, like Aloe Vera etc etc... Lo and behold, I have noticed a vastly significant reduction in the amount of spots that are appearing around my mouth and underneath each side of my lip... Could be a co-incidence as I have also started applying Manuka honey every day too, but it's very possibly that the SLS in Toothpaste may have been aggravating my acne, but it's hard to proove.

Anyway, give it a go, see what happens, you can find organic toothpaste in your local store but make sure you check the ingredients first and make sure they ARE organic... Some may think these organic toothpastes are a waste of money because they are expensive, but in my opinion if you pay with peanuts - you get monkeys.

Have a nice day :) sorry for such a long post!

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I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I am also a 24 yr old male and am breaking out around my mouth, when I run my tongue on the inside of my mouth I feel the same small bumps on the inside of my mouth in the exact same location as the bumps on the outside of my mouth. I have been told that they are ingrown hairs and have been trying different things to help this from continuing, but nothing is helping... Any advice?!

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I've been getting them a little less frequently since switching from post-shave lotion to aftershave. It may just be a placebo effect, though.

The kind I'm using is witchhazel and glycerine based, with aloe vera, from etsy.com

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