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i believe i have a cyst, the thing is though i really cant be 100 percent sure. and everytime i try to see a picture of a cyst on google, the whole face is covered.

i just have 1-2 right now. and i was wondering what a single cyst looks like, because on the web it shows too much of the severest form of anything.

Tea tree oil any good for these suckers? or bp? neem oil? toothpaste?

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tea tree oil works pretty good for me. but don't apply too much.

if its not a blackhead, whitehead

and its bigger then a normal pimple , then its probably a cyst i think lol.

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If it looks like your skin and has no head or inflamed type aura to it (besides the penching and squeezing you have probably done) then it is most likely a cyst or nodule. Dont put any products on it. Hot water soaks and leave it be. If your really ballsy you can take a sterile sewing needle and drain it like i do. But be careful and accurate dont randomly stab get a feel for where its at. BTW Tea tree Oil can also peel your skin and not get deep enough to the infection to help, be careful there too.

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I have/had (on Accutane now, we'll see if it stays gone *crosses fingers) cystic acne and I only would get a couple but they are like really hard lumps under your skin.

Sometimes they are painful, but not always. My mom calls them "blind zits" because you can't always see them but you can sure feel them.

It's like a big hard round ...well...lump under your skin and they are REALLY hard to pop.

Sometimes they are purple or red, but they can also be the color of your skin, but just really hard.

I know you're not supposed to, but I had one for a year and I was like ok this thing is going.

So much junk gets stuck in them, and for me they always re-occur in the same spots.

On my cheeks. Especially by my nose.

So far the best thing I have used for them besides the Accutane (not 1 cyst in the 2 months I've been on it) is Clindoxyl gel.

It's prescription only, but I find it works the best.

I have found that... the thing with cysts is you can't just "dry" them up, they are too hard and stubborn.

What I used to do (and I don't recommend anyone else do this-last resort) is apply a HOT HOT wash cloth for 10 minutes and then take a sterile sewing needle and find the very center of the pore that's blocked and then stick the needle in until I felt something break and then when I would pull the needle out and squeeze just a little I could ge some of the junk out.

Like I said, I had one cyst last a year.

Literally. I was desperate to be rid of it.

I now have a slight icepick/purple scar from it. Probably 1/2 form the cyst 1/2 from me digging around with a needle, but it HAD to go-it hurt so bad.

I will see if I can find a pic of the one i had and post it. Then you can see what just 1 is like.

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