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Extremely flaky skin while on Accutane


I started my Accutane treatment about 1 and a half months ago. The first month I was on 40 mg x2 every other day, and one 40 mg on the odd days. The second month, my derm put me on 40 mg x2 every day. Since then, I've been experiencing an extremely flaky face. Every day when I wake up, my face is covered with dead skin. When I say covered, I mean my ENTIRE face (excluding my forehead), even the area between my neck and jaw. SO, I'm just wondering what I can do to help my face out. Exfoliating is kind of hard because I have a couple of whiteheads on my cheeks, and I heard that I shouldn't exfoliate while on Accutane anyways. I would greatly appreciate any response. Thanks guys!

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I usually hate moistuirizing my face, didn't do it at all on my first course of accutane at 40mg/day.

This time around I'm at 80mg/day and experiencing quite a bit of flakiness as well.

Only real solution is to MOISTURIZE.

I like Complex-15, but the smell is too strong imo. Just started experimenting with eucerin face cream.

Most moisturizers usually aggravate my acne problems, but while on accutane I can get away with using pretty much any moisturizer for face and body.

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Allo there,

I've just started month 2 of Accutane and had exactly the same problem around the same time. I tried almost everything and it just seemed like nothing would help with the peelng. the good news is that now two weeks later almost all the peeling and flaking has stopped ( I know that it can be different for everyone though). I tried using aloe vera gel for a while but it needs to be applied regularly. And a good moisturiser: SBR Repair which is a cream for very dry skin but is very heavy so is only really good if you use it before going to bed. SBR also makes lighter creams and lotions which also work very well. I'm not sure if they're available where you are as I'm from South Africa.This is my first post but I really hope this info is at least a little helpful :-)

Oh and it might sound odd, but using plain old aqueous cream as a face and body wash seemed to help quite a lot

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