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how long have you been on the regimen??

well hello there!

i just started the regimen back in april. [april 15 2009]

it seems that it is working really good but i do dwell on the fact that i was looking through the 'sucess stories' here and it seems they got clear pretty fast..

how long did it take you guys to get completely clear??

i noe patience is a virtue

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I'm not completely clear, but getting very close! I'm one month shy of the year mark. Although I did switch regimens in the middle of the year stupidly.

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Patience is a virtue, and as the Guinness motto states - "good things come to those who wait".

Personally, BP doesn't work for me at all, and made my face worse.

But in all, i've been trying to get clear for about a year now, had success after 6 months of antibiotics, but it came back after being triggered off by stress in April this year, and now slowly battling it out again with a different array of natural products this time, as opposed to chemical treatments, and seems to be working alot better.

So I kinda started at the same time as you, I started with mild acne aroud my mouth that was really big inflamed cysts, and now I have 3 tiny spots, 2 on my chin and one below my lip :) hopefully a few more months time I wont have or be getting any.

So all in all, it depends on the type of person, some people may take days, others weeks, others months, others (unfortunately) years. It's all down to you.

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I stumbled on this site in 2006 I think? And that was about the time I started the regimen (sorry I can't remember exactly). Within a couple months of starting the regimen my acne went from moderate to mild, but it took me a couple years of playing around and tweaking the regimen ever so slightly to tailor it to my skin before I cleared completely. You may need to play around with it a bit. GL!

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