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I dont mind the occasional acne joke, sometimes there actually quite funny. When there creative and makes me smile no harm done right?

Well tonight my brother made a joke about my dry/flaky skin because of accutane.

He said...

"If i punched you in the face it wouldnt even affect you because of all your reptile battle scales."

Reptiles have dry skin and i have dry skin, what a lucky coincidence. I never thought of the flakes looking like scales either. :)

Gahhhh. His joke made me laugh though! There are some other ones he said that were hilarious i just dont recall them at this time.

Acne sucks...but atleast at the same time some people can joke about it creatively.

Maybe i should have posted this in the "worst name thread" but i just wanted to make my own.

5 more months of accutane. It does suck to have to go the pill when there are some people who dont take care of there skin at all and its flawless. Atleast we have accutane nowadays, people didnt have it years ago.

Random thoughts everywhere! WOOT!

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At least you are not depressed. I read alot of people on here get hella depressed when on Tane.

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Well it is my 2nd dose. That in itself is a bit depressing. Especially since it was a mistake on both the dermatologists part and mine that im back on it.

Im a little down based on the dryness and everything but i dont want to be down when im leaving my home for college on August 18th. I really dont want to waste my last moments with my family being depressed. Maybe the will to do that is keeping me from that state of depression

If i said i wasnt a little depressed I would be lieing, im just not completely down about everything. Im hoping it stays that way too. Ive been having fun the last few weeks, hopefully the next few turn out the same.

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It's nice to read that you didn't take the joke seriously. Good luck with the second round of Accutane.

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