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hey so i started the regimen 4 days ago, and as advised to start out with only 1 application a day of BP, i chose to apply it at night

the next morning my skin looks lots better, then i do the regimen minus the BP and from the time in the morning when i do that to my nightly BP application new spots form throughout the day

how long should i wait until i use BP twice a day?


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Often people don't experience dryness and flaking until over a week in to the regimen. I'd stick with another few days at one BP application per day, and then after that go up to twice a day, and then very gradually increase the amount you use. Being overly cautious here will pay off if it means avoiding weeks of scaly skin and redness from using more than you can handle.

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i have sensitive skin, but i never used once a day. if you use moisturizer flakiness and driness wont be problem. i use cetaphil moisturizer, and it is good .. with a little amount you can make all the driness go away.

ive been on regimen for 5 days and i did twice a day ever since i started it,

so just start doing twice a day, it shouldnt be a really big problem...

but remember, you might get more break outs during first week, thats what happen to me

(happened on day 2 or 3.. but now i have nothing on right chick.. i will prolly get new ons later tho... :( )

so.. dont quit but keep on going!

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thanks guys :D

so i decided today to start it twice a day, and already i see myself breaking out but very small white bumps on forehead(never had acne on forehead) and they are actually almost gone right now, but my chin is a different story, but i must admit there are whiteheads there but they DO look alot healthier than the average zits i usually get

im just looking forward to clear skin, today is day 5 !!

so far so good :D

i wish i had found this site years ago !!!

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