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retin a, BHA, paulas choice confusion!!

do you have any experience on retin a? i have ben using it for 4 months now and it just like brings up the blackheads but then they get plugged at the surface they never really come out unless i manually eject them and idk it just feels like smoetimes im clear but the when i look closley i have a lotof clogged pores.. and im so tired of waiting .. and then i startred putting bp along my nose or evnever i squeeze blackheads out i put some of dans bp and i really feel it working but i dk.. what should i do? im so freaking upset

also i recently bought some samples from paulas choice..

and i like the normal to dry face cleaner..

i also got sunscreens havent used them yet

and i have this 2% BHA liquid that ive heard a lot of good stuff about

i barley have no inflamatory acne just clogged to my ass blackheads and yeahh its annoying frustrating and tiring.. and i dont know how long i should be on this freakin retin a... i think its just creating acne.. idk

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Hello there sorry you are having a hard time. I have used Paulas Choice BHA 2% and retina micro both and had some good results. The thing with retina is that at first it makes your skin worse because it resurfaces your skin and brings up layers from underneath and those layers often have acne hidden in them. Retina mostly makes blackheads easier to get out but it also should help lessen them. BHA will also help lessen the blackheads since it is a chemical exfoliant. Be careful using both of these together because it can make your skin very dry so use just a little and work your way up to more. Just so you know BP does nothing for blackheads and white heads it only works on inflammatory acne caused by bacteria. Hope this helps!

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Currently I'm using retin a and bha as well. Actually I just start retin a along with bha. And I've heard before you apply bha make sure your skin has Ph 4-6. Or leave the skin for 30 Mins before apply. it works well.

By the way give me a few weeks I'll come to tell the result on my face.

But my problem right now is more about spot and scars :'(

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