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hey, I'm largely acne clear however have some markings that make it seem like I still have quite bad acne. So I've been researching TCA peels on the internet and I think I'm going to order one as my parents are going away for 10 days soon and im being left in the house so that should account for the recovery time I've been reading about. Anywho, so I'm a semi experienced user to AHAs and BHA including glycolic peels, so I was wondering what percentage I should start with and I'm thinking probably 15%..or maybe 20 ? But probably 15 methinks..so the question I have is how many layers should I apply, and how long do you wait in between layers..I've read that when you see 'frosting' that indicates that it has penetrated..as it's my first time I think I might just apply one layer and see how it feels and then possibly apply another ? Anyway, any advice would be appreciated or any experiences with TCA peels,

thanks ;)

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If it's your first TCA peel I would NOT start with anything over a 12%. It's just irresponsible. This is your face you are messing with and if it penetrates too deep you are really REALLY going to regret it. 8% is pretty mild (I would equate it with a 40% glycolic peel)...12% is a bit stronger and will give you enough peeling that you notice a difference in your skin. I would do the 12% and then if you are successful and feel like you have a handle on things I would jump up to the 15 or 20%. Good luck...it's just my two cents :)

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I would start with TCA 20% or 15% doing one FINE layer.

If you apply one layer with too much acid on, probably frosting will occur with just that one.

20% TCA are quite "safe".

Don't pull the scabs off before they ready, when I mean ready is when they fall off alone haha.

Cut the falling skin with scissors if you want.

I got some line type scars pulling off my last TCA peel (20% TCA + 50% glycolic), the scabs were coming out easily and i just went taking everything about 5 days after the peel. Resulting in scars like lines, which you don't see when you did because there's no redness etc.

To enhance reepitelization prepare your skin with tretinoin or retin-a for 15 days.

Use hydroquinone or similar bleaching cream to prevent discoloration if you want to.

Your skin will become brown/yellow after the peel. If become brown means more deep and more recovery time :)

best wishes!

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Thanks for the replies, I'm going to have a think about it, but I have another question - would it be more beneficial to buy the 'jessners' thing ? Rather than just the straight TCA

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