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please help with hyperpigmentation & stubborn acne

So I broke out my sophomore year of college and i've never really recovered. I've tried AcneFree (benzoyl peroxide), Arbonne Clear Advantage (salicyclic acid), Sodium Sulfacetamide, and most recently Ziana. None of these products really worked after trying each for about 1 month. The only thing that kind of works is Benzoyl Peroxide but I have to apply a ton of it (layer after layer in thick coats) just to see reduction in redness and size of acne. All of the other products have almost no effect, though Ziana kind of helps with closed whiteheads. My main problem is that whenever the redness of an area of acne starts to fade, it turns into a darkish-brown blemish which i think is called hyperpigmentation.

so i guess my question is: which of the products that I listed would be best for applying to acne to lessen hyperpigmentation?

also, which acne product would be best for applying to a recently popped zit? I've tried neosporin w/ antibiotics also, but which of the acne products i listed would be best, or should i put nothing on a recently popped zit?

thanks for any feedback

edit: i forgot to add that i also have access to Retinol Renewal Complex that came with AcneFree

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I'd say give it time and some sort of exfoliating method, IMO, to fade the pigmentation.

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Ask a derm about Retin-A. I had horrible hyper pigmentation and my derm prescribed me Retin-A. After maybe 6 months most of it was gone. It really works wonders.

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Hi! I too have suffered from acne scarring--don't you just HATE those purple spots that seem to NEVER go away?? There are many things you can try:

1. 100% EMU OIL--don't let the name scare you, it will not clog your pores or make you break out! Look it up and see all the benefits!! I have used it for only 3 days now and marks that have been there for months are starting to disappear.

2. Another thing I found helpful is Lime juice (not to mention the citric acid prevents new breakouts)--just slice up a lime (or a lemon) and rub on face--leave on for 10 to 15 mins. and wash with warm water. I do it AM and PM -- you should see improvement within a month or so.

3. Also, Turmeric powder--sounds crazy but it works too. Just massage it into problem areas and rinse whenever -

** I have to be honest, I think the only think that truly works is TIME. Unfortunately, skin needs time to heal and there really isn't any magical cream that works like this :cry::cry:

**To cover the spots in the mean time, I use Neutragena cream concealer--it's great for spots on cheeks!

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