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The Struggle AFTER Acne is Gone...

Well, I for the last few years, I tried so many different products to try and get rid of my acne, but it just got worse and worse, and none of the products worked.

I went on the doctors tablets, they didnt work either.

I was eventually put on strong tablets by a special skin doctor at the hospital and was on them for about 10 months. This worked at last and my spots apparantly went away.

The bit im struggling with, is this bit, after they have gone.

Because of bullying in the past and being made to feel so insecure. I still feel like I have spots on my face. I look in the mirror and I see spots?! Yet the doctor tells me there are no spots, and my parents and people I trust tell me they are gone as well...

I cant look at people in the eye because I think they are looking and saying 'eww' at my skin. And its just really getting to me, my self asteem and confidence has gone right down, its really starting to make my life depressing.


- Kenan

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From my own experience youve done the right thing so far by just talking about it. Ive suffered with low self esteem and confidence since 2005 when my severe acne cleared up. I was on accutane and I think I may have been one of the unlucky ones who suffered some of the very rare mental side effects. But aside from that like I said ive suffered in the confidence department. And it sounds like me and you have similar thoughts.

When I was clear I knew that my skin was fine. I had the odd spot here and there but it was nothing different to what everyone else around me had as young people. But im my mind I always felt like I had something on my face that wasnt nice. What I dont know.

Ive come a long way in recent months. Im still not back to my full confidence and itll be a long time before I am. But what did it for me was talking. Find someone in your family, or your friends or even on here that you feel you can trust. I find that talking out loud helps me to see things in my head clearer. The listener doesnt even need to have answers or to respond. Get things off your mind and feel happy knowing that you have done that. Be positive! Youve dont the hardest thing by getting clear which is fantastic and a lot of people will envy you for it.

The mind is a fantastic thing. Yet sometimes it can be a right pain in the arse!!

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What if a girl told you that you're cute? :wub:

I'm sure you'll take a second look in the mirror to see what she sees :P You know a lot of the time people stare at you because they either admire your style of clothing, wondering how you did your hair, a nice smile you have, or the color of your eyes.

You don't have to say anything to people sometimes, just look at them and smile, rather than turning away, gives a whole different impression.

If that's your picture in your avatar, as a honest judgment you're a pretty attractive fellow :cool: .

Don't put yourself down!

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I know. It's like the mistakes you made while you had low self esteem affect you today. And so does the low self esteem. I would say the best thing to do is go out with friends, try new things, ect.

If I had clear skin I'd be so thrilled I'd go around partying all the time. The worst thing I could imagine would be the pressure and worry of it coming back.

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I agree with SCaliGirl! :D

And also Pink_Polka. She has a good point. It really helps to get out of the house, away from the mirror, where you just worry about what you look like. Go out with your friends and people you trust! Try and live life and let loose.

I know its easier said then done. I know where you are coming from. I have a very low self esteem too. Hang in there.

Im hoping accutane will help! on my third month.

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I know how you're feeling bro. When I had acne I would think about the day where I would finally have clear skin and thought my self-esteem would skyrocket and I'd be the most confident man on the planet.

However when they day came that my skin was clear, I honestly didn't change much mentally. It seems I just shifted all the negativity I had about my acne to other "problems" I had because I still felt I was the lowest of the low when it came to being part of society. Basically I had brainwashed myself so badly that no matter what there had to be SOMETHING wrong with me.

Highschool would of been a pain for me had it not been for my friends who helped me out. I'm in college now and still feel I'm recovering from the massive blow my acne years dealt me. Lately I've been running and working out with the sole purpose of looking better to myself (with of course the side benefit of looking better to others :) )

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