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Let's beat this! My 'tane journey

Hey guys,

Alright I've thought long and hard about this and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and do it -- starting in two days, I will be starting on Roaccutane. I've read plenty of stories about it (both good and bad), but I've decided that I won't get better by sitting around and not doing anything about my acne! I went to my dermatologist and he gave me all the info -- including that I couldn't wear contacts (which was a disappointment because I hate wearing glasses -- but if it means clearing up the acne, I reckon I can put up with it.

So a bit of back-story about myself: I'm a 20 year old male uni student living in Australia. I study Commerce/Law -- although the further I go into my Commerce degree, the less it makes me want to do it :P I love the law though, so we'll see how that works out. Hobby-wise..... well honestly my hobby is partying ;) Gotta love breaking it down on the DF :P

Now to my acne story. I started getting acne back in year 7, initially really badly on my face. I went onto the tablet Minomycin, which is the 'milder drug', and it worked fantastically for my face, but it did nothing for the acne down my back and chest. Eight years later, and my face is still great, but my body still has plenty of acne all over it. I'm very ashamed of the body-acne and feel too ashamed to go to the beach or swimming or anything where I need to take my shirt off. But, hopefully, in 6 months that'll all be changing :)

My acne situation:

- I have blackheads and acne all down my chest and back. This is my main problem area.

- I have no acne on my face (i.e. nose, cheeks, chin) although I do have plenty of blackheads on my nose; apparently 'Tane gets rid of those too, which I'm looking forward to. I get a couple of pimples on my neck

- I have a few (about three) pimples on my forehead, but that's mainly because I have a Zac Efron-fringe going on that covers my entire forehead and makes it really oily on my forehead.

So tomorrow I'll be getting my 'Tane prep-kit together. I've been reading through a whole lot of logs (which are incredibly useful, thanks for keep all of them :D), and I've put together a shopping list of stuff that people seem to find useful. My shopping list is looking something like this:

- Vaseline blue stick lip balm SPF15+. It seems to be a pretty sure thing that my lips will get badly dry, so I'll be layering on this lip balm from day 1.

- Concealer. This'll be an interesting experience -- obviously I've never used make-up before, but I'll be getting some skin-friendly concealer for the initial breakout that everyone seems to get.

- Eyedrops. For the dry eyes that everyone seems to get.

- Oil of Olay SPF15+. For the dryness of the skin.

- Dove sensitive skin bar. To help with the skin-flaking on my body

- Cetaphil. I actually own some of this, I don't use anything but this to wash my face, great stuff.

- True Blue Spa Body Butter. For the dry skin that I'll get on my back

- Biolage conditioning balm & leave-in conditioners. I've heard that your hair gets badly dry and may fall out. I'm going to try to avoid that, and I've heard this stuff works quite well.

Alright so that's about it. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress, this forum seems like a great idea to keep each other encouraged :)

Cya guys

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