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Hey all,

I've been reading these boards for quite a while now, so i thought i would pop in here and get some help.

Like many people here, I have suffered from moderate bouts of acne for the last couple of years. Basically, after a phase of foolish, foolish picking, i switched to using BP+ Lemon juice. The acne is almost under control now, i basically have only a couple of very small ones every few weeks or so.

However, right now, at the site of previous zits, i have this strange phenomena. They're kinda like a rather visible enlarged pore, except that they all seem to be surrounded by "residues" of the previous raised lesions. Imagine a pimple, except with a hole in the middle of it which i'm quite sure is the pore itself. The lesions range from being almost flat to the size of the previous lesion. I've only begun to actually take notice of them a couple weeks ago ( I've gotten more vain in the past month).

They are either the same colour as my skin(moderate tan), or inflamed red. They are quite disfiguring i must say, especially up close. I'm pretty sure they stop the pore from closing as well. Not every pimple translates into this- a good number heals quite nicely.

So my questions are:

1) Is it a normal healing phase, or am i suffering from something..undesirable? Such as a hypertrophic scar?

1a) If it's just a normal healing phase, how long would it take to subside? ( a tough question i know)

1b) If it IS something undesirable, can it be cured?

2) Would lemon juice exacerbate this issue, especially when used on new pimples?

Thank you for the help! Have a nice day!

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I don't have the answer to your question because I am experiencing the exact same thing, it's wierd that we have what sounds like the same skin type and level of acne. Anyways, I to quit picking at them a while ago and am experiencing a (it is really hard to explain)

sort of smaller elevated bump that is skin color with reddish hints....I'm also wondering if it's a hypertrophic scar but I can't find any pictures of them

EDIT: I DONT think that we are experiencing hypertrophic scars because I have read that they are generally caused by deep cysts which I have never had

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Bump. I am experiencing the same penomena described above. Small elevated red bump at the site of a previous papule. It has been ther for a few weeks. Is this a hypertrophic scar? Can anyone help?

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