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Time and Hormones

After around seven years of failed regimens and tears and embarrassment i've just decided that now i'm going on an all natural regimen and am going to wait. Yes thats right WAIT. It is going to be tough because the "natural" approach certainly isn't the most effective however I'm sick of damaging my skin with harsh creams and chemicals. I'm seventeen and my parents say that they just "grew out" of their acne. And now that i've tried and tested everything i'm going to try that too. I was just wondering if you think it might work. I mean i know all about my seventeen year old hormones and how much they SUCK but i really dont want to be stuck with acne for the rest of my life. Have you seen anyone or known anyone that has just had their acne disappear with time? Ugh i dont know if i'm making the right decision but i've literally just given up.

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Hey Hapa,

Don't give up! Tell us about your skin type, what condition it is in now, and what products were you recently using, what products have you used and reason why you don't use them anymore. Everyone here is helping each other to improve their skin :). Maybe we as a community can point out some suggestions and let you know any mistakes of combining wrong products?

As a start a gentle cleanser> one tropical> and a moisturizer should be the basic step.

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