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Here is what I'm planning on taking:

Taurine (amount recommended in Taurine thread)

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Pantethine (900 mg as recommended in an article)



Do you think that is too much? I try to take only what I won't get through diet so I find C, E, and Fish Oil, among other things, useless. (Can't get a lot of sulfur or zinc on a low fat diet)

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You can definitely get a lot of sulfur in a low fat diet - cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli are packed with sulfur.

I don't think that's too many supplements, it just seems kindof random though. I would say skip the pantetheine and opt for a full B-complex. Zinc is a great thing to take... I take a 25mg zinc picolinate and I feel it has done a lot for me.

Where are you going to get your supplements? I think luckyvitamin.com and vitacost.com have the best prices. Vitacost is a great site to look through because there are so many reviews for each product.

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I usually get the Zinc and Chromium locally because they are easy to find, and order the rest online. I figured I don't need the B Complex because I get lots of B vitamins from my spinach smoothies.

I don't think its very random.

Taurine - Controls glucose metabolism, reduce inflammation, help shedding of dead skin, antioxidant

Alpha Liopoic Acid - Controls glucose metabolism, antioxidant

MSM - Detoxifies liver, promotes healthy skin and hair

Pantethine - Fat metabolism

Zinc - Controls hormones, helps healing

Chromium - Helps healing, controls glucose metabolism

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