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Help? What Now?

I'm no skin expert but your acne sounds more hormonal to me. To answer your cleanser question, it is usually best to use a non-medicated cleanser in a twice-a-day skin care routine; but I did see that you used the Aqua Glycolic toner before. From what I understand, though I've never tried it myself, the Aqua Glycolic Cleanser is arguably the best product they make. I've heard from several people who claim that it is simply amazing after the first week of use.

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I don't know how well just water would work, though some people can get away with it. The main purpose you want your cleanser to serve is just to cleanse your face from all surface oil and prepare it for medication. Many people like Purpose Gentle Cleanser, Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash, or Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser. I have personally used Dove 1/4 moisturizing bar, Basis Sensitive Skin bar and Dan's cleanser. They all worked just fine, though Dan's is the best. As for the BHA, I've never tried any, but many people love the one that Dan makes. It's got all kind of other ingredients in it as well to help. Here's the link: http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/salacid-6.htm

If you really want to spot treatment the whiteheads, I recommend an AHA instead, especially Dan's. It works well and fast. I know I may sound like a commercial for Dan, but I am really not...his products are just really good. :cool:

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