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Water fasting

I am glad you posted! I tried fasting for the first time a week ago (24 hour water fast), then went on 2 days of apple fasting and then another 24 hours of water fasting. I also mainly have severe cystic acne, and I noticed that fasting really didn't help the cysts in any way that I could tell. Despite that, all normal pimples I had basically went away. I actually got more cysts during the apple fast, so I bet fruits are highly contributing to my cystic acne as I usually eat quite a lot. I find that I don't get those white heads zits anymore, except on occasion when I eat something that I used to (I cut out dairy and everything with wheat and gluten in it, although I have been eating yogurt and it didn't seem to cause any damage). Did you ever break out with many small white heads before fasting?

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Fasting lets the toxins out, which will cause initally a breakout for some. It probably wasn't the fruit.

When your done fasting, make sure you take care of your liver by taking milk thistle and drinking dandelion root tea.

Don't over eat.


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Do you guys think distilled water is better? I read that it being hypotonic compared to whats in your body it helps to 'pull' more of the impurities out then just tap or bottled.

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