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im in complete tears right now :(:(

i dont know why, how or what i can do about my face because it just all of the sudden broke out in may, and it hasnt stopped. i had my acne under control for the last few years and now all of the sudden im breaking out again! im in tears and cannot stop crying

i go to school in a different province and came to alberta for the summer to be with my parents and thats when it started..

i also started exercising in may, biking everyday

ive tried new products over the last few months to try and clear up the problem:

clean and clear continuous control acne wash, toner and deep exfoliating cleanser but they jsut seem to be making it worst:( ive stopped all of those products and now am just using spectro jel and the moisturizer that ive always used before, this is what cleared up my acne a few years ago.

im 19 and havent had a break out since i was 17..i thought i was over that stage of my life but my face is the worst ive ever seen it :(:(:(:(

does anyone know why this is happening? im also suppose to get my period this week and i do have a couple pimples close to this time but not like this, my chin is packed with zits, is red and sore.

help me please im miserable and dont know what to do :(:(:(

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i always find a change of water ie going on holiday and the water changing has a negative effect on my skin maybe thats what started it

so my advice (obviously i am not the number one authority on acne although i might think that i am sometimes)

1st TRY the regimin even if you've experimented with bp before because in my opinion and lots of other people on here bp is the best topical

cleanse apply bp and moisterise 2wice a day (if you wear makeup then just apply bp at night as makeup and bp don't mix that well.) there is a guidance to what to expect from the regimin on here and the time line is pretty accurate)

2nd give up milk !!!!!!

3rd take a zinc supplement

4th if it is upseting you that much go see a derm/ your gp and get something prescribed)

5th stop messing with your face (stop touching it stop trying lots of different products before giving up on them a few days later putting random face packs on ect ect (i am quite a bad culprit for this))

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oh oh and check your cleanser shampoo toothpaste ect for harmful ingredients theres a list on here somewhere

sodium lauryl sulphate is one thats EVERYWHERE

acne predominately on the chin is often hormonal so the pill might help it really helped my friend

im on antibiotics and they always work really well for me but there not perminant

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I had the same thing happen to me. My face had been pretty clear for about a year, then when I was 19 and in first year university, I started getting cystic acne on my face, but just on my cheeks. I tried minocyclin for almost three months, but it didn't work. I refused accutane, so my dermatologist advised that I take Diane-35, which is a contraceptive pill that is designed to treat moderate acne in women. Since you are female, you could try this and see if it works.

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