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ok so im going to a 10 day festival in barcelona and am so excited

basically my skin looks really good because i am a month into an antibiotic course and the regimin and although antibiotics are not a cure for acne they help control mine really well when i am taking them and the regimin has been so much more effective that i ever expected it to be.

i can take the antibiotics to the festival and my normal cleanser which i will try to use instead of wipes as much as possible.

but considering i refuse to wear bp under my make up and have a make up addiction and will not be seen dead without foundation in front of anyone other than my mum or (on a VERY good skin day) my best friend. and also considering how the music is on all night and the general nature of a music festival it isn't very practical for me to be applying bp when i sleep

do you think it will ruin the regime if i skip it for this week.

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I wouldn't recommend skipping a week. Maybe a day or two, but a week is risky.

What is specifically wrong with wearing BP under make-up?

I used to have a problem with the BP rubbing off, but I figured out that I shouldn't wait for it to dry but to quickly proceed to the lotions while it's still a bit moist. Then a mineral make-up primer that helps my skin control oil for the most of the day and help my make-up stay on longer.

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