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Maybe at 20 I can't really be considered to have "adult acne" but I feel my case is strange.

I don't understand why I have acne... i am male, currently 20, and started getting minor acne on my forehead and temples at 19, at the start of my first year of college. I know it could be a stressful time, but to be honest I actually felt relaxed and was eager to meet new people. Fast forward to a year later, and my cheeks are now covered with red marks, and what I know are acne scars that I will never be rid of.

I finished my first year of college and I have been on summer vacation for a couple months now, and am mostly stress free but I still get acne. I don't think it could be stress releated because I think i was more stressed through high school, and I also ate way worse. I cut out dairy about a month ago and that seemed to help because I only get maybed one or two pimples a week, but I don't know what to do to stop it completely. The pimples that do come leave red marks, and I now have three or for new scars from this summer.

All through my teen years in high school I was mostly clear, only suffering from one spot maybe every six months. I know acne isn't just a problem for teens, but doesn't it usually start in the teens? I have read topics on this board and it seems most people suffering from acne past their teens had it since then, so why am i dealing with it now? I tried all year to stop this acne, even though my diet and routine hadn't really changed from my time of being clear.

I don't know what to do and I'm so tired of dealing with this and thinking "how will this affect my acne?" every time I eat something or do something. Can I ever have this acne off my face? I am so demoralized. I know there are people on this board who have suffered much longer with this horrible curse then I have, and to be honest I am very afraid I will be the same and have this torment for 10+ years.

Thanks for reading my long post. If your case is similiar to mine (late onset) please share and offer your experience. If not and you have any advice, please share whatever you can. Thanks.

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i am with you man. I was completely acne free until my first year in college. My acne struck hard, and I had it throughout my whole stay in college. I took a bunch of antibiotics and even accutane from my derm. The antibiotics worked for me until i stopped taking them. Accutane made me pimple free for about 6 months, but they always return.

Hows your digestion? Do you get one bowel movement a day? Do you feel full all the time?

For adult acne, the large culprits are digestion issues and hormonal imbalances.

I know exactly how you feel. I came out of high school a really popular and good looking guy. The horrible acne caused me to lose all my confidence, and shunned me from all the good friends I have made in the past; I know they would still be cool with me, but I just don't want them to see me like this. Im already 23 and out of college, and because of my acne, college life was the worst experience for me.

I might be able to help you if you answer the questions i gave you. I think I found my acne problem and started to make necessary changes to fight it.

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I apologize for posting in the wrong spot. Thanks for correcting that, c'est la vigne.

StriderHien, thanks for the reply. Your experience sounds similar to what I am going through, and it is seeming more and more likely that I will have to suffer this all through college when I should be enjoying myself. My digestion seems to be normal. The only irregularity I can see now is due to the odd sleep schedule I am on due to summer, but during the school year when my acne was getting progressively worse I was having one normal bowel movement a day.

Is your acne clear now? Did you find the solution? If so please share what you are doing, as things might not be as normal as I think.

Another thing I noticed is my skin has become very oily in the past months when I always had dry skin during high school. Could that's mean it's hormone related? If that seems to be the case how could it be corrected?

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