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Last year I was on Differin and my skin was pretty much clear. Throughout that whole time I kept eating plenty of dairy. My question is...does that mean my acne isn't related to dairy or was the Differin just preventing the acne I would have gotten from the dairy? In other words, does Differin or any other retinoid have the ability to stop dairy related outbreaks?

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We can't tell you if you have an intolerance to dairy or how/how much dairy contributes to your acne.

But dairy contains the hormone IGF-1 which causes hyperkeratinization which is the real root of clogged pores. Regardless of whether you can directly notice a breakout as a result of dairy, you should limit it.

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Yeah, I realize it's kind of a hard thing to answer, but I guess I was just wondering if the reason I could eat so much dairy last year and not break out was because I was using Differin or because dairy just isn't a problem for me.

I've since stopped the Differin and right now I'm on a diet with no dairy and little to no sugar. I haven't broken out in a couple of weeks now. I'm also taking some supplements and doing some other diet things though so it's hard to pinpoint exactly what is keeping me clear. I guess I could try eating some dairy and see if it makes me break out, but I don't want to take that chance since I'm seeing results without it.

So, theoretically - If dairy made you breakout, would a retinoid have the ability to prevent that?

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