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ohhhh matthew

Questions about the benzoyl/AHA process

Hey all, I'm going to be ordering my first supply of this stuff and just had a few questions. I've been reading throughout the whole website and just wanted to point out that there is definitely a lot of great info. So, I plan to purchase the 32 oz. of 2.5% benzoyl as well as the AHA. Is there is a specific process of how to apply both and when to do it? I did see the videos showing how much to use, but I'd like to know how long to wait after getting out of the shower, and how long to wait in between using the benzoyl and the AHA.

I used to use the perscribed tetrocycline but it didn't seem to have enough effect. I do not have severe acne but it's pretty moderate and is mostly on my upper back, some on my lower and front chest, as well as a little on the upper shoulders. I hardly get acne on my face which is good. I'm really hoping this treatment works so any help is appreciated. I will try to get some pics up of the acne I have if that helps. Thanks all!

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It's great that you're starting on the BP and AHA+...both are very high quality and, when used right, very effective. I must warn you,however, that you shouldn't use both at the same time when you get them. I don't know if you're going to be strictly following Dan's Regimen or one you've created yourself, but the combo of BP and AHA+ will be overly irritating on your skin at first. I suggest that you use the BP at least a month (it would be better if you just waited until you skin fully adjusts to the BP altogether) before starting to use the AHA+. When that time comes, you can use the AHA+ as a moisturizer after the BP about every three days or every other day. Every day AHA+ use may be overly irritating as well (although some people still do this) and a lot of people claim that their skin actually looks much better if they spread out their AHA+ use to about every three days. If you're wondering when to apply the two, I apply the BP about ten minutes after I wash my face twice a day, and, when I use AHA+, I apply it about ten minutes after the BP at night. You also want to wear a sunscreen during the day when you start using the AHA+ because it makes your skin much more vulnerable to sunburn.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Thanks for the input! I have not came up with my own regimen but I'm going to follow what you've said and try the BP for the first month alone. Keep in mind I'm going to be using this on my back and upper chest only, not my face. Just to be clear, I'm going to apply the BP to those areas about 10 minutes after showing in the morning and at night. Hopefully after a month I can start using the AHA because from what it sounds like it works wonders. I will definitely make sure to apply sun screen as well if needed. I'm hoping these treatments help, it's been a long time since I've been dealing with the body acne and I'd love to see if finally gone or at least reduced to a minimal amount. Thanks again!

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