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Tea Tree idea... Has anyone tried this?

So I know Tea Tree oil is an awesome anti-septic, but I haven't really ever used it that much.

I recently got a zit on coming up on the middle of my nose and panicked, squeezing it probably too much, and then applying tea tree to it. But the next day, the skin was a bit rough where i'd agitated it, but the zit... was gone! All the inflammation (only really noticeable to me close up) was completely gone. Thank goodness - so no one ever noticed.

So now I come to my point!

Has anyone tried adding a little tea tree oil to their clothes wash? Or perhaps a combination of the natural Soap Nuts and tea tree?

I'm intrigued as to the results, since a lot of washing powder can be quite irritating for the skin.

I know I pretty much have OCD about washing my bed sheets and clothes very frequently! But so far it has just been with normal washing powder.

Or how about adding tea tree to your bath? It never occurred to me before, but surely this would be massively beneficial to those with body acne?

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Hi Adam15,

Tea Tree Oil is quite good. But I don't think your ideas will work that way. For the clothes: If your washing machine is working like it should, it won't leave the oil in it. These things are build to get all the washing powder, softener etc. out of the fabric after the washing.

For the bath: Just pouring Tea Tree Oil into your water won't do the trick. It will just swim on the surface. You would have to create a suspension - and that is not trivial. Your best bet here would be to go out and find a bath additive that utilizes Tea Trea Oil.

But I can recommend Soap Nuts. I use them for 2 years now and my clothes get as clean as used to with industrial washing powder. On the contrary: my towels are definitely softer now, even when I don't put them in the dryer. (I never have used fabric softener of any kind. So it must be the nuts.) So these could be a another little addition to your quest for a clear skin.

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Thanks for the reply BlueElephant. I'll look into getting a bath product containing tea tree then, as you suggest. Probably a lot cheaper too!

Definitely going to start using the Soap Nuts -- have heard nothing but good things about them, and they've very good value for money too!

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