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accutane help please


i just started accutane 20mg once daily today is day 5 i feel like i am aloready experiencing dry mouth and headaches...

i was wondering if someone could please help me and give me tips one what they used during their treatment from eyedrops to lip moisturizer to body moisturizer and pain pills for headahes etc

wat did u use to wash your face

any tips or advice you have

anything at all will probably help so its appreciated

also i weigh 136 lbs and am on 20mg which seems too smalll... so yeah once again any advice at all on treatment and everything would be great thank you

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Hi there. I am currently on 40mg a day twice a day at 150 pounds (This is my 4th month).

Face wash: Purpose Gentle Cleanser by Johnson & Johnson (The best/mildest in my experience)

Eyedrops: I use Visine eyedrops once and awhile when my eyes are really dry. Look for describing words like moisturizing.

Lips: Aquaphor. I was using chapstick for like.. half a month into my treatment when I realized I just didn't cut it. Aquaphor only comes in a small/portable lotion bottle which kind of sucks because you have to apply with your fingers, but it is the only thing that works.

Face moisturizer: Cerave. No oily residue. It's my favorite. If I have really dry skin, I will put a few drops of jojoba oil in the moisturizer and mix it up.

Body moisturizer: I just use whatever. Jergens at the moment.

In terms of the headache thing.... If they get really bad/constant, tell your doctor. This is not meant to scare you! Try drinking LOTS of water each day. That should seriously reduce your headache problem. If it doesn't, and they get worse or more frequent, tell your doctor. In terms of combating them, ibuprofen is what I use.

Hope this helps!

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dry mouth: drink water

headaches: drink water and ask your doctor if its OK to take Advil/ibuprofen/Tylenol

eye drops: clear eyes

facial moisturizer: cetaphil

lips: aquaphor (substitute with Vaseline)

nothing for body moisturizer but regualr lotion

drink lots of water

take vitamin E

omega 3 and 6 fish oil

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I am on my 3rd month of Accutane, 40 mg/day.

For dry mouth, I drink 8-10 glasses of H2O each day. Buy some sugar-free candies it helps big time when I do not have water with me.

I had pounding headaches and trouble sleeping the first week of starting Accutane, so I took Advil; it relieved the pain and helped me fall asleep. I did not ask my derm whether it was okay, but I did not have any bad affect after taking it.

My eyes are not particularly dry while on the course, but I always use eye drop to get the red eyes out. I use Visine, it also hydrates your eyes.

I went from super oily to dry 2 wks after starting the treatment. Currently the condition has stabilized. Now I have a bit more flakes on my upper lip and chin areas. Also some redness like an "Accutane burn". The facial moisturizer I use for day time is Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel-oil free and for night time, Aveeno Ultra Calming night cream. I brought a small bottle of Jojoba ester because a number of people on this board have recommended adding a few drops into daily moisturizer to keep flakes away, I am thinking of trying.

For my dry lips, I apply aquaphor or Vaseline with jojoba together at night only. During the day, I use Burt's Bee Beeswax lip balm, Kiss my face organic lip balm, and Carmax. Be consistent with re-application, otherwise will end up having crack, bleeding, swollen red lips. Not attractive at all even when you’re acne-free.

I use Vaseline aloe and Vitamin E body lotion on my body. It’s very refreshing, good for the summer time.

Last few points to share:

Take Vitamin B complex, C, D, E and Omega fish oil, biotin, zinc to combat some of the side affects. I am taking Dr. Perricone M.D. Clear Skin Vitamins.

Get enough sleep

Take Accutane with food and at the same time daily and do not go to sleep right away after taking the pill, wait at least 30 mins

Exercise gently because your body may ache more than before.

Be patience with the treatment because it takes time to work.

Have a positive outlook. Keep in mind the worse is going away soon.

Good Luck to you!


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I'm on my third week of Accutane, and I had headaches too when I first started. Instead of drinking juice or soda, drink water.

For my face I wash with Cetaphil gentle cleanser.

At night I use Cetaphil's moisturizer (it's a bit thick).

I haven't really found a nice lighter moisturizer for the daytime yet...I've been trying the samples I've acquired from my derm's office.

Dry eyes are a problem for me...gel drops are supposed to be better, but the ones I got don't seem to help me...I like Refresh Plus for sensitive eyes. It comes with like 30 single-use drops or something, and there's a LOT in each single use, so if I use all of it I'm usually good to go for the rest of the day.

Aquafor is pretty great for lips. I had got really dry lips one day and I kept biting and peeling the skin...then that night I put on lots of aquafor before bed, and the next day they looked/felt perfect.

I don't really use body lotion...sometimes the Cetaphil moisturizer on my elbows or other dry spots.

Vitamins are great. I take glucosamine, vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc, and omega-3.

Your doctor probably put you on a low dose to make sure you don't get any severe side effects. Your dose will probably get raised next month or something.

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