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Wow, I just spent 2 hours going thru the entire thread about mandelic acid. As I just received my 10% alcohol free version from Garden of wisdom I'm eager to try it but like others had a million questions and apprehensions. Lionqueen is quite the book of knowledge with this stuff! Kudos to you. Heres my situation. Was on experimental accutane when I was 13yrs. old. That was almost 30 yrs ago. It wasnt even FDA approved back then. It left me me with an orange peel texture look to my skin. Large pores with the hard sebum buildup that lionqueen mentions. I have to pick them out every night with either gentle pushing up of the pore or a tweezer. I've tried vitamin B5 to help oil production and it only gave me stomach aches. Right now I'm getting little tiny white heads that are in the corners of my mouth and sides of my chin. Things will be clear in the morning from all my extractions but by mid-day little sebum balls are present again. I've been applying Paulas Choice 1% BHA lotion and its quite gentle as my skin is the oily kind with dry sens. blotchy and red. It has helped somewhat in my cheek area but am noticing my chin area starting to to get the white heads again. I read this is called sebaceous filaments. Anyone ever hear of this? Is mandelic acid best to be used to spot treat or applied all over? I've already put the smallest amt on my cheeks but will it overall help reduce the pore from clogging up? thanks Diane

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