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BlackHeads Retin-A & Other Products Routine

Hello People just some stuff about me.im 16 years old and i have oily skin blackheads on cheeks nose chin..well let me say that its not that bad but lately my pores have just been really clogged.. and also i have really bad acne marks from trying to pop the blackheads..right now i use no acne products..Im about to order retin a and some other products.


Invigorating Apricot Scrub To Exfoliate

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer

Pond's Clear Solutions Clear Pore Strips

Retin-A gel 0.1%

Oil-Free SPF 30

Hydroquinone 2% for the acne marks

I plan on using retin-a in the night time right before i go to sleep.

In the morning i want to use scrub and acne wash and moisturizer

Please guys what do you think about this routine?

Is there anything i should add or not get?

Thank you for reading hopefully im on the right path to clean and healthy skin!!

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I've read a lot of negative statements about Clean & Clear. Apparently, the products are very pore clogging. More so than most other cleansers on the market. I've never used the products before though so I can't attest to it personally.

Neutrogena was always way too harsh for my skin so if your skin is sensitive I wouldn't recommend it.

Keep in mind however: they both contain icky stuff like Parabens, Fragrance and a bunch of other pore clogging ingredients that I can't even pronounce. And you want to use it everyday.

I'm in the same boat as you at the moment with trying to find new products. Basically, I would look for something with a low ph balance that's gentle. Harsh scrubs irritate your skinso I would be wary of the Apricot scrub thing. BHA's (salycilic acid) are good for blackheads. Trying to find one that's at a low ph balance and isn't too harsh is a tough one though!

Your routine contains too many products. It's probably going to irritate your face and just cause more breakouts. If you're swithcing products I would go ONE at a time. What if something doesn't agree with your skin? How are you going to know which product is the culprit? Making drastic changes like you're trying to is going to cause your skin to go into shock.

On a side note: I would run from Biore. I bought that a few months ago for blackheads. That one gave me whiteheads.

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