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Looking for help with precription medications

Hey everyone,

I've been on Minocycline and Epiduo for the last 6 weeks or so, and I haven't really seen any improvement. I was wondering if I could get some help, and I also have a few questions. Before I start, here's what I do:


In the shower, I use 2 pumps of Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser, all over face, 10 seconds or less. Wash off with water. After shower and drying for around 10 minutes, I apply Neutrogena Moisturizer for sensitive skin.


Take one Minocycline with water. At the sink, I use 2 pumps of Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser, all over face, 10 seconds or less. Wash off with water. After drying for 10-15 minutes, I'll apply the Epiduo gel, about a pea size worth. I don't apply it everywhere (I'll explain later). After 10 minutes, I'll apply the Neutrogena Moisturizer if needed.

*I recently obtained Jojoba oil, and will begin using that with my moisturizer.

Alright. So that's what I do. I've been consistent with this for the last 5-6 weeks, and seen really no improvement. If there are any criticisms, all are welcome. My questions are so:

  1. After I've seen no good results, and after hearing Dan's advice, should I be using more Epiduo? Or maybe twice a day? This might be to harsh on my face. My face is VERY sensitive.
  2. Can using moisturizer counteract the medications? My dermatologist never said anything about a moisturizer. Could it actually be hurting me?
  3. My nose and the area around it is perpetually very dry. I haven't used Epiduo on it in weeks, and only use the cleanser there occasionally. Anyone no the reason of this? (NOTE: I've used the Jojoba oil twice, and it looks a little bit better)
  4. Shaving... this has been somewhat of a problem for me. I was wondering if anyone else uses a double-edged safety razor? Like the Merkur HD? I absolutely love shaving with it. It's fun and relaxing. However, I get uneven results when it comes to irritation (still good shaves). I think this may be the cream(s) I use. Or it may be I'm applying to many different products on my face (parents divorced, different shaving products at each house). And also, what way do you recommend shaving if the grain of growth is uneven and random?

I think those are all my questions. If I have more I'll post them.

So I guess I'm really looking for any suggestions where I can improve myself on. I'm kinda at a roadblock at this point. I haven't tried Dan's regimen yet, so that may be the next step if this one fails. I see my dermatologist for my second visit at the end of the month, and I'll hear what she has to say. Thanks in advance =)


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By the way, I do actually have acne. The lighting of the picture of my avatar was really bright, so my acne is kinda hidden. If I had to judge myself, I'd say I'd have moderate to severe acne, mainly on cheeks chin, forehead, chest, shoulders, and upper neck (i.e. in the facial hair).


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