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i want to follow regimen, but can't

hello.I really want to follow dan's regimen but i dont think I can.This is gonna sound crazy....but being a Muslim, I have to pray 5 times a day.Before every prayer I HAVE to wash my face.........what should I do? should I just apply the bp 5 times a day? That seems like too much....i really dont know what to do....but I HAVE to wash my face 5 X a day........any ideas?help!

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I'm not too familiar with the Muslim religion, or the praying cycles. And what time they are required.

Could you put BP on after the fifth prayer? and then keep it on until the first prayer of the next day?

If that's how it goes. > .< Sorry I'm not so enlightened on the subject.

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the only option you will have is medications

think about it, in regimen, or anyother products, they all suggest washing twice a day,

washing your face too much will irritate your skin.

so that means you cant fix your skin with washing process,

then you need medication

washing your face 5 times a day wouldnt matter now cuz you are taking medicine that is doing the job, its not that washing hting is doing the job.

you know what i mean?

my friend is also taking the pills and he hasnt had any side effects or anything he is doing great.

but me, even if i want to take pills my dad wont, it just drives me crazy,

poeople need to be our shoes to understand how desperate we are..

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