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Obagi Nu-Derm Systen *Updates+Results* PICS!!!!

Hallo all! Im brand new here and after spying on this site a few times I decided to finally join and post my still-in-progress Obagi Nu-Derm results. I started Obagi Nu-Derm on July 1st and since then i have been keeping notes of my progress on my trusty cell phone haha =}

Products:[AM] Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Clear.

[PM] Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Clear, Blender+Tretinoin 0.025%.

About Me~Skin Type=Oily



Day#1{July 1,09} I started out the first day of my routine w. Severe hyperpigmentation from previous acne scars, as well as chemical burns on my chin, sides of mouth, bottom of nose,and between my eyebrows from using a really strong face wash. I also had about 8 small pimples and my cheeks and chin were in desperate need of purging [i have so much Gunk under my skin YUCK!]. So I washed my face w. the Foaming Cleanser, pat dry then applied the Toner [let dry completely], applied Clear. Face still looks and feels as it did b4.

PM-I washed my face w. the Cleanser again applied the Toner..let dry completely, applied the Clear then waited for about 5mins to MIX and apply the Blender and Tretinoin cream to my face, made sure to follow the directions and rub the cream in until it was completely absorbed into my skin.

Face still looks and feels the same, however the pimples that I had started out my day w. Are now bigger and even more irritated than b4, im thinking its cause of all the rubbing in of the creams that irritated my acne.



~Red=chemical burns

~Green=weird blotchy hyperpigmentation on my forehead yuck!







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Day#2{July 2,09}My pimples from yesterday are HUGE and I can see the puss,eww! Same routine as yesterday=Cleanser,Toner,Clear in the morning.

PM-Cleanse,Toner,Clear,Blender+Tretinoin. My huge pimples are now dried out and kind of healing already,hmm fast...but no peeling yet,face does feel smooth though =}

Day#3{July 3,09}3 new cystic pimples,ouch!wtf?ughh! Tip of nose is peeling but the rest of my face is still as oily and hideous as ever!

PM-had some dry peeling skin on forehead+sides of mouth while I was washing my face, I just rubbed it off w. My fingertips while my face was wet. Tip of nose still peeling. I think that from now on I will just apply the Blender and Tretinoin at night and leave out the Clear, I find my face feeling hot and sweaty after the Clear...to much products on my face i guess =/, I'll still use it in the morning though =].

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Day#4{July 4,09}I'm peeling YAY!!!!Especially on my outer cheeks and the tip of my nose WOW! Forehead isn't really peeling that much, maybe cause I rubbed off all the dead skin yesterday hehe, w.e!

PM-boy am I peeling even more now,I especially see the peeling when my face is wet, I can see all the yucky gray dead skin, HOoRAY! Tomorrow morning I shall scrub my face w. Aveeno Daily Cleansing Pads [very soft and non-irritating] before I use the Obagi Cleanser!

Day#5{July 5,09}I scrubbed my face like I said I would, a lot of dead skin came off but a great majority was still on my face. Around my eyes are sore and peeling a lot, my eyebrows are peeling, tip of nose, outer cheeks, and all around my mouth. Its Sunday so Im hoping that I'll peel more this week!

PM-I think I oversaturate my skin to much, ill try using less Blender n Tretinoin at night. Im finding it difficult for me to mix the right amount properly, I think I put a little too much ughh, damn this 1/2 gram madness! haha.

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Day#8{July 8,09}Woke up w. Lots of peeling, around my eyes are sooo0o0oo sore and also peeling, around my mouth and also my chin are VERY dry and peels the most. My chemical burns @ the sides of my mouth and nose are disappearing. I scrubbed away all of the peeling w. My trusty Aveeno Daily Cleansing Pads =], I swear by this product, really gets rid of all the dead yucky skin ;-]! Oh and I also ordered the Exfoderm Forte yesterday cause im not peeling on the inner cheek area of my face hmm, weird.

Day#10{July 10,09}PM-after my shower tonight I noticed that the right side of my jaw all the way to my ears were peeling, my eye lids are peeling like mad, ew, sometimes it feels like I have an eyelash in my eyes but no, its just peeling skin, ugh!


~Blue=new pimples

~Red=chemical burns are now gone :D

~Green=blotchy hyperpigmentation on my forhead is about hmmm....80% gone :)

~Orange=healed up cystic pimples that I can STILL feel under my skin :evil:

~Yellow=all of those little white speckles are the dead skin peeling off :clap:





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thanks for the updates, I hear you won't see the full results for about 3 months so hang in there!

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Hi you might not come on here anymore I don't know. Was wondering how your skin looks these days. It's febuary 15 2010 now - this thread was from last year!

I am also curious...Hwo are things going with the Obagi. I just started it yesterday and I love the cleanser so far...its great. I do not know about the bleaching cream yet....it is a little too soon to tell. I am also on Retin-A to deal with persistent mild/moderate acne.

How all is well and kicking with the Obagi system :)


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